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Article No. 4-UprightFlatwire
The fully automated bending and winding system UF is used for the manufacture of flat-wire coils in an upright style. The coils can be manufactured in nearly infinite forms and geometries. To be able working with different types
Article No. 4-LARA
Semi automatic Corewinder LARA with 4 pcs Case sensitive decoiler
Article No. 4-TubolyWM600
Tuboly WM600
Article No. 4-Pechinery1100
Pechinery PT 1100
Article No. 4-TubolyWM500
-Tuboly WM500 Bandwide 96-500mm, Bandthicknes 0,2-3,0mm, Bandforce 192-20000N
Article No. 4-Schlatter
Foilwindingmachine Schlatter Foilwide 350mm, max 3mm, incl Coldpressunit , with motoric Dereeler, with many Tools, easy to use
Article No. 4-KLEIN
Thomas Klein REEF FMC-2 Specialprice 9500 Eur Foilwide: 3 - 19 mm, Foillenght 10-1000mm, Wire 0,2-100mm
Article No. 4-Bandw
Article No. 4-Tuboly
Tuboly like new Folienwide 1000mm, Coilweight max 4000kg, Foil 0,2-2,5mm
Article No. 4-LAETA60
LAE Corecuttingline T60 with Automatic Stacker model IM4 and 3 punching unit includet, like new only 1,5 Years old
Article No. 4-LJU2012
LJU Only 2 Years old (Hochkantwicklung)
Article No. 4-Tuboly WM200
Tuboly WM200
Article No. 4-Calotron
Calotron BWC 2 incl Abroller
Article No. 4-BWC
Calotron BWC 4, Conductor Foilwindingmachine, Strip with 350mm, Strip thickness max 2,5mm Strip max cross section 200mm², Coil inner/outer Diameter 400/1000mm 5000N Brake, 60rpm,5 kW Cold pressure welding
Article No. 4-Coiltrennanlage
Coiltrennanlage HL10 ca 30-35 Jahre alt
Article No. 4-LAE-BOB-L1200
LAE Foilwindingmachine BOB1200 , 13 years old but was only 2 years working, Foilwidth max 1200mm,Tig Welding for Leads, We can arrange the Installation for this machine for you.
Article No. 4-LAEBob900
LAE BOB 900 machine for 1 foil and includes 2x Layer insulation
Article No. 4-LJU
LJU 8000 F Stock Meßkirch, incl new PC 2019
Article No. 4-LAEBOB600
Foilwindingmachine BOB 600, Foilwide 600mm, max Diameter 500mm
Article No. 4-Lapp
Lapp Press Unit
Article No. 4-RuffHKW800
Edge Winding Ruff HKW 800 checkt January 2021 like new
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