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Article No. 71-BigOven
Industrial Ofen 120°C 2540x3000x2800mm
Article No. 71-HereausT6
Hereaus T6 ,250°C, 1,22KW, IP20
Article No. 71-Memmertcr
Memmert Oven, max 180°C, Innenmaße b89,t60, h120cm
Article No. 71-ReinhardtDT
Reinhardt DTVO 1800/150 TV, 80-150°C, 60KW
Article No. 71-Fornax
Fornax Oven
Article No. 71-BaaderLITSU
Baader LITSU5, max 180°C, 380Volt, 11kW, Innersize t76cm,b 100cm, h 100cm, new Thermometer 2022
Article No. 71-KLIMA2
clima oven Weiss Gohin
Article No. 71-F
Typ S77, 220 Volt, 15 A, Innersize h100,d45, w50cm, Cmpl SizeH162, D75, W95cm
Article No. 71-Wagen
Wagen in Steel 180x120x100cm
Article No. 71-MemmertS10
Memmert S10 d18, w40, h27 cm max 200°C
Article No. 71-Pyrolyseoven
Pyrolyseoven in NEW- Innersize in 2 different Versions: H 1200mm W 1230mm Depth 1415mm or 1915mm. With Microprocessor and natural Gas Burner with 2 times of 2 Seconds burn with 850C° with only 6% of Oxygen
Article No. 711-E18
Electric Oven with Forced Air Max Temp 200°C, Forced expulsion of polymerisation coating gas, varius sizes available
Article No. 71-Hereaus1000C
Hereaus Glühofen Typ MR170 bis 1000°C, Innenmaße b17, h9, t30cm
Article No. 71-HereausVac
Hereaus Oven with Vacuum, Diameter 34cm, Lenght 48cm
Article No. 71-HereausRT500
Hereaus RT500 t40cm Diameter 49cm Max 200°C
Article No. 71-ReinhardtLTV150Bhj2003
Reinhardt LTV 150, Temp 50-200°C, Innersize b117,h150, t106cm Outersize B220, H270 incl Abluftrohr (ohne Abluftrohr 203cm), T139cm
Article No. 71-ReinhardtLTV150g
Reinhardt LTV150 12 KW 50-200°C 1,42m³ Innersize w117, h 150, d 106cm Outersize D139, W220,H 270cm
Article No. 71-Reinha
Reinhardt LTV100, Year 2003, CE Sign, 50-200°C
Article No. 71-HereausUT6060
Hereaus UT6060 max 300°C 1,5kW Innersize 40x40xd30cm
Article No. 71-HereausT5042EK
Hereaus T 5042 EK max 300°C
Article No. 4-BinderUC-M
Binder UCM Year 2010 max Temp 300°C Innersize 400x400xh300mm
Article No. 71-Hering
Innersize 4100x5100xH4000mm max 200°C
Article No. 71-ReinhardtLTV83/S
Reinhardt LTV 83/S Bhj 2015, 50-130°C, SPS mit Touchpannel 5,7", Innersize b1500xh1850xt3000mm Totalsize B3200xH2450xT3450mm, 52,77kW
Article No. 71-KLI
Hereaus Vötsch VR06/50/S -60 till max +180°C Bhj 1991
Article No. 71-ReinhardtCH
Reinhardt Trockenschrank Bhj 2009 sehr gepflegt 50-250°C, 12 KW, Standort Schweiz
Article No. 71-Memmertkl
Memmert Oven b40 t33 h40cm max 220°C
Article No. 71-Reinhardt6808
Reinhardt 11/2/6808 Innersize 170x340xH245cm 2 Doors, Öl and Electroheating, Year 1978, 10KW
Article No. 71-NoroPU-E
Noro PU-E Innersize l260cm b100cm h 195cm Outsize L290cm B160cm H 225cm
Article No. 71-Hereaus-GR
Hereaus with phillips controller KS4290 b74 t80 h130cm, 450kg, H225x150x110cm
Article No. 71-Signer
Hans Signer Swiss Typ15 15KW 1967 Innersize b100xt80xh150cm, Total B160xT120xH210cm, max 200°C
Article No. 71-Mancof
Mancof FMC 7E 200°C, Innersize b200,l330,H170cm, Total Size B260, L330, H265cm Year1998
Article No. 71-ReinhardtLTVg
Reinhardt LTV 895/9 , 50-200°C, 50,2KW, Innersize t 2,25m, b2,2m, H1,85m, Stock Meßkirch
Article No. 71-Memmert
Memmert d40, w60, h48cm max 200 °C
Article No. 71-Binder
Binder Innersize B100 T60 H120cm
Article No. 71-BaaderLIT
Baader LITSU 2, Innersize b73,t57,h96cm, max 220°C
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