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Article No. 126-ER500B
Bobifil ER500B 0,05-8,0mm incl 2 Wireguides
Article No. 113-FW022z
Like New, only 1 week working, IWT FW022 with Pedal, Wiretensioner Typ III 0,15-0,75mm and Spoolbox
Article No. 119-MaWM
Marsilli WM26 PC free programmable, Wirerange 0,02-5,0mm, Coildiameter max 340mm, Coillenght max 600mm (3 machines in stock)
Article No. 17-Was
Waasner EE20/21R
Article No. 15-Pilla450
Pillarhouse II 450-W-6-120, August 2020 cmpl checked from Pillarhouse
Article No. 131-MeteorMMS110
Meteor MMS110 8 Spindler, active cutting, Shuttle, Spindledistance 55 mm, Wirerange 0,01-0,5mm, Coildiameter 50mm, Windinglenght 80mm, max 30000 rpm, axial Termination
Article No. 113-Service
We can offer you the Repair incl Spareparts for your IWT Windingmachine.
Article No. 119-Marsilli
Marsilli WM06L Video , checked Sept. 2020
Article No. 17-WaasnerEI48
Waasner EI48-2AR, EE20/21R
Article No. 131-PRA620Interface
PRA620 with Interface, cmpl checked 2019 with new Revolermotor ,new Bearings , new Belts. Incl pneumatic Liftsystem for the Tensionerbars
Article No. 17-DIVSCHA
Diverse Trafoschachtelmaschinen EI30,EI38,EI42 und EI48
Article No. 131-PRA620SD
Meteor PRA620 wit Interface and SD Card
Article No. 113-FW022
IWT FW022 Version FW022E and FW022Z Newmachine after October 2020 available
Article No. 119-MarsilliWM06L
Marsilli WM06L 1993
Article No. 17-EI30u25
Trafoschachtelmaschine für EI25
Article No. 123-Micafil
Micafil MW125 with a Retrofit from Stollberg in 2011 with new Touchscreen, new Controller new Motor, new Gear, new Wireguide with Pressfunction Type FLAP35, Coildiameter 1600mm, Coillenght 3000mm, Max Coilweight 8000kg, 7,5PS, 5,5KW, max 1600mkg, 27rpm,
Article No. 15-PillaE
Pillarhouse E2 Lenght 700mm (1 pcs available)
Article No. 119-ER33
Bobifil ER33 CNC free programmable 0,01-2,5mm
Article No. 138-AK4
Kinomat AK-4-150 with electronic Wirebreaks Year 2001
Article No. 119-MicafilOGAbl
Micafil OGA Wirerange 0,15-3,2mm, Coildiameter 320mm, Coillenght 500mm
Article No. 15-PillarE2
2 Pcs Pillarhouse E2 350mm
Article No. 17-EI30
Article No. 138-AK2
Kinomat AK2-145 with automatic Taping Year 1999
Article No. 119-OGA
Micafil OGA Wirerange 0,15-3,2mm, Coildiameter 320mm, Coillenght 500mm
Article No. 15-5Pillarhouse
Pillarhouse Skeiner 5 Spindles Lenhgt 500mm-In Dez 2017 checked by Pillarhouse
Article No. 17-EI38
EI38 and EI42
Article No. 111-M20LV
Meteor M20 Long Version, Coillenght 600mm, new Interface, LCD Monitor and Keyboard 2020
Article No. 15-HANDVERDR
Aumann Skeiner mechanical
Article No. 17-EI48
Waasner EI48
Article No. 119-Polyfil
Polyfil Wirerange 0,04-0,8mm, Windinglenght 2-170mm, max Coildiameter 150mm, 6000rpm
Article No. 123-VIG3000
Micafil VIG3000 Spindleheigh 120cm
Article No. 15-Aumann
Aumann Verdraller 12 Spindeln nur 1500 Eur
Article No. 17-EI54
EI54 and EI38,4
Article No. 119-PolyfilM
Polyfil Wirerange 0,04-0,8mm, Windinglenght 2-170mm, max Coildiameter 150mm
Article No. 132-Mars12-50
Marsilli Mars 12-50 Year 1999
Article No. 119-FL121
Micafil FL121 mit Verlegung, ohne Reitstock und Maschinenbett. Auf Wunsch können wir beides anbauen.
Article No. 15-BRTwister
B+R Twister with Batterie or Akku Price 190 Eur in New
Article No. 17-EI66SH
Article No. 117-602
Vorschub max 5mm,Wickelbreite max 140mm, Vorschubauflösung 0,001mm,99 Programmschritte,Wickeldurchmesser max 190mm,100 Impulse pro Umdrehung
Article No. 132-WM2001/4
Marsilli 4 Spindle WM2001/4 Year 1990 2 Wire Technology, max Wire Diameter 1,4mm , 8000rpm, Coildiameter 100mm, Spindledistance 120mm, Coillenght 100mm
Article No. 126-WTERoV
Bobifil ER1200 with Touchsreen , Coildiameter 800mm, Windinglenght1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, (PC), 5,5kw, max 890 Nm
Article No. 119-RTM
Article No. 17-EI66/88
Article No. 15-ABISO
Abisofix with Twisterhead NEW and USED in Stock
Article No. 132-SarcemAriane
Sarcem Ariane with PC Windows 95 6 Spindles -In Stock Schaffhausen
Article No. 17-EI38EI84EI94
Grau EI38, EI84, EI96
Article No. 119-BobifilER31
Bobifil ER31
Article No. 15-GESTELL
Fahrbares stabiles Gestell für Pillarhouse Verdraller
Article No. 132-Tools1
Marsilli Tools UI75a/26,5, UI75b/41,5, EI84a/29,5AK, UI90b 7 51,5, UI90/41,5, UI90/41,5, UI90a/31,5, EI96/45, EI96/35, EI120a/41,7AK, EI135/52AK
Article No. 111-M23b
Meteor M23, x,y,z free programmable
Article No. 17-3UI90
Grau 3UI90
Article No. 15-PILLAM-II
Pillamat II - 4 Spindels
Article No. 132-Marsilli1150
Marsilli 2-150 incl 4 Wiretensioners. 18000rpm, 0,02-0,7mm Wirerange, Spindledistance 150mm (The Laptop is not working)
Article No. 17-EI170
EI150, EI170, 3UI90
Article No. 119-OFAt
Micafil OFA 380V
Article No. 132-Tools2
Marsilli Tools 2- EI43,AK, EI96/59, EI120b/53,7-AK, EI135/62AK, EI135/72-AK, EI150Nb/66,6AK, EI174/62
Article No. 15-Pilla2
Pillarhouse II 6 fach Verdraller 650-W-6-100
Article No. 17-EI170s
Everluck EI130
Article No. 119-OFA
Micafil OFA
Article No. 132-WM15
Marsilli WM15/2P with PC
Article No. 17-EI76,2
EI76,2 / 0,35 Year 2012
Article No. 15-Pilla35
Pillarhouse E2 Lenght 350mm Delivertime 4 Weeks
Article No. 132-SAM
Minos Ariane
Article No. 123-MW100
Micafil MW100
Article No. 17-EI96
EI96 / 0,5 Year 2012
Article No. 15-E6Pilla
Pillarhouse E6 Twister
Article No. 119-Maxei
Maxei C500, max Coildiameter 500mm, max Coillenght 400mm
Article No. 15-PillaII
Verdraller Pillarhouse PillamatII 4 Spindler
Article No. 119-Win
New Windingmachine
Article No. 17-EI114
EI 114,3/0,35 Year 2011
Article No. 132-DigitAx
Digit Ax Ac Servo DRive 1,4-22KW
Article No. 17-SCH
Article No. 119-H5
New Windingmachine, Wirediameter 0,16-5,0mm, max Coildiameter 300mm, Coillenght 5-380mm, max 1380rpm, 155kg
Article No. 117-SiemensZWM
Siemens ZWM
Article No. 132-Duty
Dutym Ax DS
Article No. 119-SS100
SS100 - sehr guter Zustand
Article No. 132-8-100
Marsilli 8-100
Article No. 17-EI66
Waasner EI66
Article No. 132-MaSh
Marsilli 16-50 Bhj 1999
Article No. 119-EMA
EMA Wickelmaschine , Vorschub bis 1,2mm, ohne Antriebsmotor
Article No. 17-EI54m
EI54 motorisch
Article No. 17-SeippMA150
Seipp MA 150
Article No. 132-Marsilli6-100
Marsilli WM2002/6-100 Year 1994 max Wirediameter 0,8mm, 15000rpm, Coildiameter 70mm
Article No. 119-klWickler
Winder with Motor, without Pedal
Article No. 111-M23LV
Meteor M23 Long Version, incl 6 Wireguides, 6 Wireparking Units, x,y,z free programmable, Middle Tailstock
Article No. 132-Marsilli250
Marsilli 2-250 Year 1994 Less working hours
Article No. 119-Hand
Handwinder Froitzheim and Rudert
Article No. 17-Tekuma
Tekuma Trafomat
Article No. 17-SMOT
Schachtelmaschinen mit Motor EI78,EI96,EI130
Article No. 119-FR
Fröhler max 1,0mm Drahtdurchmesser
Article No. 124-AM3150
Blume + Redecker AM3150, 340 Nm, Pitch 0-50mm, max Coildiameter 750mm, Max Coillenght 1200mm, 2000rpm, 10,9kW, 1,5to, incl Paperisolation, Wirebreak control, was 2016 checked from B+R
Article No. 131-PRA620i
Meteor PRA620 with active cutting, New Interface, Monitor and USB Keyboard
Article No. 119-FH88
Frieseke & Höpfner
Article No. 132-Ma2-150
Marsilli 2-150 Bhj 1994 automatic Taping, electronic and mechanical Wiretensioners,18000rpm, 0,02-0,7mm Wirerange, Spindledistance 150mm
Article No. 17-GrauV300
Grau V300
Article No. 111-M20Floppy
Meteor M20 with Flopy and Safetywindoa
Article No. 119-ES
Article No. 123-MicafilMW
Article No. 17-Abschiebeeinheit
Stacking machines
Article No. 132-MarsLine
Marsilli Linie 6 Spindle, Vibration pot, Kontact insert, winding, welding, forming, HV checking
Article No. 132-2-150
Marsilli 2002-2-250 Bj.1995
Article No. 119-TanacAX2
Tanac AX2
Article No. 17-EI60
EI60 motorisch
Article No. 132-18
Marsilli 18 Spindler 1991 - komplette Fertigungslinie
Article No. 17-EI130
Motoric EI130 Stackingmachine
Article No. 111-M20LR
Meteor M20 Longversion with Middle Tailstock, 0,02-2,0mm, Safety Window
Article No. 119-TPCERN32S
TPC ERN 32S like new, Wirediameter 0,02-3,0mm, Vorschub 0,02-10,0mm, Windinglenght 0,1-30mm, max Windingdiameter 250mm, max 24Nm, max 4000rpm, 120kg
Article No. 132-5
Marsilli WM2001-5
Article No. 119-TPC
Article No. 123-MICR
Micafil mit Reitstock , maschinenbett ohne Verlegeeineheit
Article No. 132-4-150CF
Marsilli 4-150CF
Article No. 119-TanacAX3N
NEW Tanac AX3
Article No. 17-Cosmir
Article No. 132-6
Marsilli WM2001-6
Article No. 117-HWM
Siemens HWM600
Article No. 17-AB
Robotter - Spulen greifen und einstapeln
Article No. 119-WH
Article No. 17-KINE
Article No. 119-RUFF
Ruff LW200 PC Lagenwickelmaschine wie NEU, max 3mm Drahtdurchmesser, pneumatischer Reitstock (Ohne Backlackdrahtvorrichtung)
Article No. 132-Marsilli2-150
2-150 incl Taping, Wiretensioners, active cutting
Article No. 119-LJU
LJU frei Programmierbare 3 Achsen Wickelmaschine
Article No. 17-Wasn
Article No. 129-Pleuger
Pleuger Year 1995 3 pcs in Stock incl Wiredereeler
Article No. 131-MeteorM120
Meteor M120 10 Spindles Year 1993
Article No. 119-OGAS
Micafil OGA Standart Spindleheight +200mm
Article No. 132-Marsilli2-150
Marsilli 2 Spindles Spindledistance 150mm, Numer of Spindles 2, Wire size 0,02-0,7mm,Speed 15000rpm, Including automatic Taping
Article No. 17-Alba
Alba Kernblechschneidanlage V1000 AE Machine 1985 decoiler 2007
Article No. 132-2/200
Marsilli 2 Spindler mit Palletiersystem
Article No. 119-HandwinderS
Mechanical Counter
Article No. 17-Waasne
Article No. 111-Meteor2020
Meteor M20 with a new Interface Year 2020 SD Card, Monitor and Keyboard
Article No. 132-4-150
Marsilli 4-150 mit Ladeshuttle und Paletiersystem
Article No. 119-Handwinder
New Hand Windingmachine
Article No. 117-RuffLW21
Ruff LW21
Article No. 123-MICA
Micafil max 8mm Drahtdurchmesser
Article No. 132-6-100
Marsilli 6-100
Article No. 119-SiproTWM01
Sipro TWM01 Aircoilautomat
Article No. 117-RuffLW200V6
Ruff LW200 V6 PC with pneumatic Tailstock,2 Wireguides and Wiretensioner
Article No. 131-MeteorMMS101
Meteor MMS101 9 Spindles
Article No. 126-ER1200oV
Bobifil ER1200, electric Counter
Article No. 132-Marsilli18Spindles
Marsilli LDP 18-50 18 Spindles Year 1992
Article No. 111-M20
Meteor M20 - Kurzversion
Article No. 132-Marsilli12
Marsilli 12 Spindle, Spindledistance 80mm, 2 pcs available
Article No. 131-M62/3
Meteor M62 3 Spindle, active Cutting
Article No. 131-M60
Meteor M60 6 Spindles 0,025-0,45mm, Windingwidht max 80mm, max 15000 rpm, Spindledistance 104mm
Article No. 123-MIC
Micafil Diamater of Coil 2000mm incl Tailstock
Article No. 117-LW600PC
Ruff LW600 PC
Article No. 131-M62
Meteor M62
Article No. 131-InterfaceSD
Interface with Phillipd Monitor and USB Keyboard
Article No. 131-Interface
Article No. 117-RuffLW200V3
Ruff LW 200 V3 , 8 years old
Article No. 131-Me307108
Me307 108 Hot Air Coils
Article No. 131-307-108
Meteor Me307 108 Backlackdrahtvollautomat 5 Stk
Article No. 131-PRA 600
Meteor PRA 600
Article No. 111-M20Interface
M20 with Interface, new Phillips Monitor and new USB Keyboard. Progamms on SD Card.
Article No. 131-PRA400
Meteor PRA400
Article No. 131-PRA620cut
PRA620 Cutting bar
Article No. 126-BobifilER900
Bobifil ER 900 max12mm mit MP Controller, die Maschine wird momentan revidiert, verfügbar September 2020
Article No. 131-MMS110L
Article No. 131-MMS100
Meteor MMS100 3 Spindler mit Laptop
Article No. 117-LW200
Ruff LW200 2 Stk
Article No. 131-MeteorMMS100
Meteor MMS100, 5 Spindle
Article No. 131-MMS201M
Article No. 113-FW122N
IWT fW122-200 and FW122-400 Newmachine after October 2020 available
Article No. 111-M01A
Meteor M01A Wirerange 0,01-1,8mm
Article No. 131-PRAPC
Meteor PRA620 A PC 1995 – VERKAUFT!
Article No. 131-PRA620MTA
Meteor PRA620 with automatic Taping and 2 Wiretechnology
Article No. 123-MW120
Micafil MW120
Article No. 131-MMS110
Meteor MMS110 only 1000 Hours working. Year 2000. If you want we can make a short Shuttle on this machine and then you have it without the LJU unit.
Article No. 111-M01Multi
Meteor M01A with Multiprogrammcontroller, 16 Programms for Windingturns and Wirediameter
Article No. 135-WH6Sindles
WH-2006-220V 6 Spindler like New incl Course and Tools ETD 29 und ETD 34
Article No. 133-LWSE4
Aumann LWS/E 4-160
Article No. 117-HWS1000
Siemens HWS 1000 S2A3
Article No. 134-MBL6
Sipro MBL6 Spindledistance 80mm 2 pcs available
Article No. 134-SiproMAB04
Sipro Aircoilautomat MAB04 Wirediameter 0,25-1,2mm, 3200 pcs per hour, Lenght ipping 24mm, 2 axes, 1KVA
Article No. 111-M01FV
Meteor M01 with a Micafil free Wiretraverse, 16 Programms
Article No. 138-KinomatAK6
Kinomat AK6 6 Spindle
Article No. 117-SHWS1000
Siemens HWS1000 2 Spindlemachine with 4 pcs electronic Tensioner PB2002R
Article No. 138-Detzo
Detzo Single Spindle Hot Air Hollow Winding machine 0,04-0,3mm Coildiameter max 40mm, Maximum Width 10mm, 3000W,
Article No. 126-Winder
Winder without working hours with FU,electric Counter with 9 Programmable Stops, 2 Windingdirections, Speedregulation Handpotti, 380Volt, no brake
Article No. 133-TW1c
Aumann Aircoil TW1C with Tools
Article No. 133-LWSE3
Aumann LWS/E 3-160 2 Wiretechnology
Article No. 133-RTS314
Aumann RTS 314
Article No. 14-MTA
Meteor MTA 100
Article No. 133-12SP
Aumann 12 Spindler
Article No. 133-AUM13
Aumann Linie
Article No. 111-Me307bl
Meteor Me307
Article No. 137-SA
Article No. 133-WPA
Aumann WPA Rundtischautomat
Article No. 133-WPAdoppel
Aumann WPA Doppelspindelfolgewickelautomat
Article No. 16-Essb
Ess EI Welding Automat TM30.123/S1/2 2/N2 Controller PLS-510 as it is
Article No. 137-MIP
Micafil OFA PEB incl fullautomatic Paperisolation
Article No. 136-MICP
Micafil OFA incl Paperisolation, for max 5 Coils, incl cutting, Video available
Article No. 126-Flender
Flender, Powerfull Machine, mechanic Counter, Tailstock also available
Article No. 137-BOBB
Bobifil B 0,06-1,6mm,Max Coildiameter 200mm, Windinglenght 2-100mm, max 4500 U/min
Article No. 111-Me307L
Meteor Me30701 , max Coillenght 320mm
Article No. 133-AumannWPA
Aumann WPA with electric Counter
Article No. 134-SI6
Sipro MBL 6, Year 2000, Wirediameter 0,02-1,3mm, max 24000rpm, with shuttle, active cutting, incl Wiretensioners
Article No. 111-307108
Meteor 307 108 for Aircoils Full automatic 16 Programs
Article No. 138-KINRK6
Kinomat RK6-60 Zweidrahttechnik, wenig Betriebstd , incl elektronische Drahtbremsen
Article No. 126-A+N2007
A+N Europe BV Type 3000-S, Capacity 3to, Torque 2802 Nm, Coildiameter 2800mm, Speed 0,024-0,61 rev/min, Year 2007
Article No. 138-KinomatAK6m
Kinomat AK6-60
Article No. 138-AK1
Kinomat AK1 for Aircoils Year 2005- checked April 2018
Article No. 133-ALW
Aumann LWSE 6-80
Article No. 133-Aumann 2011
Aumann 2 Spindelwickelautomat incl Isolieren und verkleben mit Heißkleber, Schneiden, 4 Elektronische Drahtspanngeräte, 4 Abroller
Article No. 111-Me307
Meteor Me307101, 0,01-0,5mm, 16 Programme
Article No. 14-MTA-IS
MTA 100+ Isolieren
Article No. 137-WH764
WH 764 like new
Article No. 136-ATS12
ATS 12 Spindelautomat Bhj2000
Article No. 111-Me301we
Meteor Me301 0,01-1,65mm, in 2020 new Friction Wheel and new Trafo in the Pedal
Article No. 126-LAH
Lahmeyer mit Papiereinschuss
Article No. 137-AK6
Kinomat AK 6-60 Bhj 2000 and 2002 max Wirediameter 0,6mm Spindledistance 60mm 12000rpm m
Article No. 137-IWSKRDQA
Air Coil Winding Automat from Ingrid West Type SKR-DQA1 CNC Coilwindingmachine- only 4 Yeras old
Article No. 111-Me301H
Meteor Me301 0,01-1,65mm
Article No. 135-IngridWest
Ingrid West - Fullautomatic Aircoilwindingmachine-only one week working-like new
Article No. 135-IWAircoils
Fullautomatic Aircoilwinder
Article No. 137-BOBI6
Bobifil 6 Spindler mit Revolverbalken und Elektronischem Zähler
Article No. 137-FL162
Micafil FL162 (mit 6 Spulenaufnahmen)
Article No. 126-EB
EB bis 4 mm Drahtstärke
Article No. 133-AUHK
Aumann HKW
Article No. 1111-InterfaceSD
INterface with Phillips Monitor, USB Keyboard and SD Card
Article No. 16-USM10
Grau USM10 Year 2000
Article No. 126-THONKE
Thonke EW
Article No. 1111-PRACUT
Scherenbalken für PRA
Article No. 16-Leister
Leister Hotair Unit
Article No. 1111-MON
1 Screen in new in Stock. It is the Last one.
Article No. 14-SARCEM
Sarcem Janus 1 + Taping
Article No. 1111-REV
Repair of your Meteor Machines including a big Stock of Spareparts
Article No. 126-greifkl
Greif Wickelmaschine klein
Article No. 126-SPREIZ
Spreizdorne - Expanding Mandrels.1. Lenght 500mm Diameter 110-150mm-2. Lenght 600mm Diameter 140-200mm
Article No. 1111-W200054
M01B Card Typ MS-GU-09F
Article No. 126-neu
Wickelmaschine neu
Article No. 111-M22H
New Meteor M22 Newmachine for max2mm incl. Wireguide
Article No. 1111-MS-GU09F
M01B Card Type MS GU09F
Article No. 126-ER900B
Bobifil ER900B, incl new electronic Counter with Pre and Mainstop, Wirerange 0,05-8mm, Coildiameter max 500mm, Coillenght 800mm, Retrofit 2020
Article No. 1111-M01
Controller for M01 Typ 220
Article No. 16-ESSEI
ESS with many Spareparts, EI60-174 TMP 60-195/S2/BE-1/2-2/N4
Article No. 1111-PLATINEN
Diverse Platinen für Meteor M20, M60, PRA620- Diverse Boards for Meteor M20,M60,PRA620 etc
Article No. 126-WTER1200V
ER1200 Touchscreen Year 2007, 0,01-99,99mm, max 890Nm, Coil Diameter 800mm, Windinglenght 1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, 5,5kw
Article No. 1111-R301
Reibrad für den Drahtvorschub der Meteor Me301
Article No. 126-EBM
Strong Windingmachine with Tailstock
Article No. 1111-TAST
Meteor Tastaturen - neu
Article No. 129-Pleuger25t
Pleuger PWM25.000/2.500, Faceplate 2,5m, Coillenght 3,5m , max Coilweight 25t, Year 2008
Article No. 14-MTA2
Meteor MTA 100 Wrapping Machine
Article No. 126-ER1700
Bobifil ER1700
Article No. 1111-Reibrad307
Meteor Friction Wheel for Me307
Article No. 126-Lae
L.A.E. Wickelmaschine
Article No. 1111-Multicontroller
Multicontroller M01
Article No. 14-Isolier
Schäfer Storage incl Isolation Material
Article No. 14-MOT
Bandagiergerät mit pneumatischem Gegenlager, langsamlaufender Getriebemotor,Fußtaster für Start/Stop, 230V
Article No. 126-G8
Unimat G8
Article No. 1111-Interface
Interface für Meteor M20,M23,PRA620,M60,M40
Article No. 1111-DRAHTF
Diverse Meteor Drahtführer
Article No. 126-RammW80
Ramm W80 0,2-30mm, less Working hours, Max Coildiameter 1500mm, Max Coilenght 1800mm
Article No. 16-TKSM2002
Waasner TKSM 2002/2/4
Article No. 126-ER1200b
ER1200 Coil Diameter 800mm, Windinglenght 1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, 5,5kw
Article No. 1111-M01
Meteor M01. Baumer
Article No. 126-ER1200
Bobifil ER 1200
Article No. 1111-Encoder
New Encoder BDE05.05A100 , BDE05.05A500 and other available
Article No. 1111-Counter
Counter from Micafil or Meteor
Article No. 111-Me30701MZ
Meteor Me30701 mit mechanischen Zähler, 0,01-0,5mm
Article No. 121-WTER1200
ER1200 Touchscreen Year 2011, 0,01-99,99mm, max 890Nm, Coil Diameter 800mm, Windinglenght 1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, 5,5kw
Article No. 111-ME307-01
Meteor ME307-01
Article No. 16-WAASNER2
Article No. 126-H3600
Windinglenght 3600mm,Diameter 800mm, max Coilweight 20to,10rpm,max Mandrel torque 39500Nm
Article No. 113-FW201
IWT FW201 2 pcs Programmable 0,01-2,0mm, Coildiameter 200mm, Coillenght 285mm, checked from a IWT Specialist April 2020
Article No. 111-Me301bl
Meteor Me301, 0,01-1,65mm
Article No. 111-Me301LT
Meteor Me301 0,01-1,65mm
Article No. 14-MarsilliNST
Marsilli NST
Article No. 121-SchümannFormcoil
Schümann for Formcoils, Lenght 220cm, elektrik Counter, Faceplatediameter 500mm, Pedal left and right, Potti for Speedregulation
Article No. 121-Schümann205b
Schümann 205, 125Nm, Wirerange 0,4-8mm, max 1250U/min, Windinglenght 700mm, Coildiameter max 440mm, Coileweight 200kg, Machine weight 735kg
Article No. 111-M01B16P
Meteor M01B with 16 Programms
Article No. 111-M014m
Meteor M01 with 16 Programs max Wirediameter 4mm
Article No. 121-Selecta211gl
Selecta 211
Article No. 111-Me307el
Meteor Me307 with new electronic Counter
Article No. 121-Selecta212gr
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 111-Me307blgr
Meteor Me30701 1 Vorwahl, Fußregler, Drahtberreich 0,01-0,5mm
Article No. 121-211S
Selecta 211 , max Coildiameter 170cm , Speedcontrol with Pedal
Article No. 111-Me301el
Meteor Me301 with electronic Counter and Variac
Article No. 121-211g
Selecta 211
Article No. 111-Me301S
Me301 with strong Tork, without Wiretransfer
Article No. 16-TKSM5000
Waasner TKSM HV 5000 with Tools EI 48, EI 54, EI 60
Article No. 111-Me30701bl1V
Meteor Me307 01 mit programmierbaren 4 Vorwahlen, Drahtbereich 0,01-0,5mm
Article No. 121-Selecta211r
Selecta 211
Article No. 121-Selecta212p
Schümann Selecta212 incl pneumatic Tailstock
Article No. 111-M22
Meteor M22 New Machine Year 2018, 0,02-2,0mm
Article No. 121-Selecta212a
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 16-IWT100
IWT TKSM100 incl Tool for EI60-174- Like NEW
Article No. 121-Selecta212g
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 111-M23L
Meteor M23 incl active cutting for 6 Coils
Article No. 111-M30701
Meteor ME307-01 neuer Zähler
Article No. 111-ME-Backlack
Meteor ME307-101 / Backlackdraht
Article No. 111-M30701P
Meteor ME307-01 mit Pedal
Article No. 121-Selekta230
Schümann Selekta 230, 8-560 rpm, 50mkg
Article No. 114-WH800i
WH 800i like new (Year 2012 and 2013)
Article No. 111-ME30701TR
Meteor Me 30701 Trapezwicklung
Article No. 111-M10
Meteor M10
Article No. 16-TKSM2100
TKSM 2100 Year 2000, Very good condition was only 2 Years in use, Welds one Core Stack while next is being loaded, Fast Tooling changeover (max 2 min),Welds up 4 seams, Can weld base plate to core, Tooling for EI75-96 includet, Tooling between EI75 and 23
Article No. 111-M21Tailstock
Meteor M21 pneumatischer Reitstock- Wie Neu
Article No. 124-B+RWM3
Blume und Redecker WM3
Article No. 129-Pleuger1t
Pleuger PWM1.000/700 Year 2001, Diameter max 700mm, Coillenght 1000mm, max 1t, Wirerange 0,2-3,0mm Speed 0-200rpm, Force 70N
Article No. 111-VERLEG
Automatische Verlegung zu Meteor M20
Article No. 129-PleugerMCW10-02
Pleuger MCW 10-02 Year 1995 Coildiameter 800mm, Coillenght 1200mm, Size 110x287xH200cm
Article No. 113-FW201b
IWT FW201 Free Programmable 0,01-2,0mm, Coildiameter 200mm, Coillenght 285mm, Tailstock optional, checked from IWT Specialist April 2020
Article No. 111-ME307-101-Pillamat
Meteor ME307-101
Article No. 122-StollbergS4
Stollberg S4 with Tailstock, max Coildiameter 56cm , max Coillenght 140cm,5/10/15/20/30/40 rpm
Article No. 111-M21Meteor
Meteor M21, in 2016 the Display and Motorcontroller was changed into an new, 0,01-2 mm, Windingwith 400mm, max 12000 rpm
Article No. 124-AM150c
Blume und Redecker AM150 free programmable
Article No. 124-BRAM2150
Blume und Redecker AM2150
Article No. 111-M21Sb
Meteor M21S Backlackdraht
Article No. 111-M11l
Meteor M11, Wirediameter 0,01-2,0mm, Width of Winding 100mm, Max Coildiameter 200mm, Travel speed 90mm/s, max 10000 rpm
Article No. 124-AM150g
B+R AM150 at the moment not new painted, Spindledistance 800mm Spindleheigh 300mm Wirerange 0,16-13,2mm
Article No. 111-M21
Meteor M21 / Meteor M21S 0,01-2 mm Drahtdurchmesser Wickelbreite 400mm max 12000 U/min-ebenfalls M21ST mit doppelten Drehmoment lieferbar
Article No. 129-PleugerMCW10-08
Pleuger MCW10-08 Year 1999, Coildiameter 1200mm, Coillenght 2000mm
Article No. 111-M01TS
Meteor M01 mit Touchscreen und Servomotor, 3 programme Speicherbar, ohne automatische Verlegung, max 4mm
Article No. 124-AM150oR
B+R AM150 without Tailstock
Article No. 12-211
Selecta 211
Article No. 111-MeteorM20L
Meteor M20L with Interface
Article No. 129-PleugerD
In total 5 Pleuger Windingmachines Year from 1995-1999 in our Stock in Meßkirch Germany
Article No. 111-M20-400mm
Meteor M20 with Interface new Monitor and Keyboard
Article No. 125-Thonke
Thonke with mechanical Counter, 2 Speeds, 2 Windingdirections, without automatic stop
Article No. 111-M307101
Meteor ME307-101 verlängert
Article No. 124-BRAM3150
Blume und Redecker AM3150 Year 1995
Article No. 127-H30
New H30. Max Coildia 1900mm,Coillength 300mm, max Coilweight 150 kg, max Torque 650kgm, Speeds 0-373rpm, 4 Kw,weight 600kg, Faceplatediameter 500mm, elektronic Brake, Inverter with electronic Foot Pedal, Safety Guard, Digital preset Counter
Article No. 111-MM40
Meteor M40 0,2-4mm, max 120Nm, Coildiameter max 400mm, Coillenght 900mm, 0-3000rpm
Article No. 127-H950
New Linear Winder H950.Windingpitch 0,1-30mm, max Cross Section 250mm,max Lenght of Coil 900mm, max Coildiameter 500mm, Speed I 0-80,II 0-300,III 0-700rpm, Weight 520 kg
Article No. 111-M23
Meteor M23 Vollautomat mit Monitor
Article No. 127-H31
NEW Windingmachine H31. max Coildiameter 1900mm, max Coillenght 2000mm, max weight of Coil 600 kg, max Torque 650kgm,Speeds 0-373 rpm, 4 Kw,Weight 1050kg,Faceplatediameter 500mm , optional 800mm possible
Article No. 122-StollbergC
Stollberg S1, new Motorcontroller with WEG Motor, Coildiameter 700 mm, Coillenght 1300mm, max Wirediameter 10mm, Emergency Stop, Pedal, 3 Gears 20-150rpm, Total Size 90x230xH150cm
Article No. 122-StoS1
Stollberg S1
Article No. 122-SOS
Stollberg S OS
Article No. 111-M12
Meteor M12 / 2Spindelwickelmaschine frei programmierbar
Article No. 12-TWC
Aumann TWC
Article No. 122-Stollberg2,5m
Stollberg Coillenght 2900mm - Lenght of the Mandrel is 2900mm, 3 different Diameter available 450mm to max 1400mm
Article No. 111-M01long
M01 Long Version
Article No. 113-FW201a
IWT FW201 Free Programmable 0,01-2,0mm, Coildiameter 200mm, Coillenght 285mm, Tailstock optional, checked from IWT Specialist April 2020
Article No. 112-Stollberg
Article No. 111-M01z
Meteor M01
Article No. 111-M20L
M20 verlängerte Version Spitzenweite 700mm, Drahtberreich 0,02-2,0mm, frei Programmierbar
Article No. 128-EZ900
Erasan EZ900
Article No. 122-Stollberg1,7
Stollberg - Coildiameter 1,7m, Stock Meßkirch
Article No. 128-ER1200
Erasan 1200 also ER 900 available
Article No. 111-M01BMulti
Meteor M01B with Multiprogrammcontroller
Article No. 111-Me301Elesta
Meteor Me301 mit elektronischem Elesta Zähler
Article No. 125-WetzelVariat
Wetzel Variat 800, 200Nm, MK4, Max Coildiameter 800mm, max 1000rpm, 380 Volt, without Wiretransfer, actual Picture comes in some Days
Article No. 111-Me301sh
Meteor Me301 0,01-1,65mm with LED working Lamp
Article No. 113-FW210r
IWT FW210 at the moment not in Stock
Article No. 111-Me301w
Meteor Me301 0,01-1,65mm incl big Table and Light new Emergency Stop
Article No. 122-S4
Stollberg S4
Article No. 113-FW200
FW200 0,01-2,0mm Coillenght 300mm, Coildiameter 200mm, max 7500rpm
Article No. 111-Me307Pedal
Meteor Me307 0,01-0,5mm 16 Program
Article No. 111-M01bl
Meteor M01A -12 Programms with Pre and Mainstop, 0,02-1,65mm
Article No. 114-UKW2
Thonke UKW
Article No. 112-TW1c
Aumann TW1C für Aircoils incl some Tools
Article No. 113-IWTFW200II
IWT FW200 ,0,2-2,0mm with Typ IV max 2mm Wirediameter
Article No. 113-FW100
IWT FW 100 0,01- 1,0mm Wirediameter, max Coildiameter 200mm, Coillenght 100mm, 15000rpm,
Article No. 114-Elmer
Elmer CN 1068A
Article No. 112-AumannWU
Aumann WU with PZ 1 Controller
Article No. 113-FH88ST
FH88 incl Statortools Wirerange 0,01-1,2mm, max Coildiameter 200mm
Article No. 113-FW110n
FW110 without working hours, at the moment by our customer
Article No. 113-FH88M
FH88 with electonic Metercounter, Wirerange 0,01-1,05mm
Article No. 113-FH88s
FH88 0,01-1,05mm mit Safetybox
Article No. 113-FH88T
FH 88, Wirerange 0,01- 1,2mm, incl Steel Table and Worklight
Article No. 113-Multiprogrammcontroller
IWT FW200 div Multiprogrammspeicher
Article No. 113-DA1000
IWT Datenaufzeichnungsgerät DA 1000
Article No. 112-WG75-2,5
Aumann WG75
Article No. 113-IWTFW022
IWT FW022 0,01-1,0mm, max 12000rpm, Winding diameter 120mm, Windinglenght 100mm, Touchscreen
Article No. 113-FW322
FW322 Year 2007 Touchscreen, 0,01-4,0mm, max 6000 rpm, Spindleheigh 180mm, without Tailstock
Article No. 115-AM100ti
B+R AM100, max Wirediameter 3,75mm, max Coildiameter 340mm
Article No. 113-FW322GV
IWT FW322 Touchscreen, 0,01-4,0mm, max 6000 rpm, Spindleheigh 180mm
Article No. 113-FW312Vs
IWT FW312V, in 2016 was CNC Modul and CNC Prozessor repaierd from IWT, incl Machinetable, Safety Window, pneumatic Tailstock, 0,01-6,0mm, Coildiameter 400mm, Coillenght 460mm
Article No. 115-B+RAM100
B+R AM100, max Wirediameter 3,75mm, max Coildiameter 340mm
Article No. 112-PWD
Aumann PW PZ1 Speicherbare Drahtvorschübe, max 5mm
Article No. 113-bFW312V
IWT FW312V , 0,01-6,0mm, Coildiameter 400mm, Coillenght 460mm, Incl pneumatic Tailstock
Article No. 115-AM100L
B+R AM100 Long Version Coillenght 600mm, Wirediameter 3,75mm, Coildiameter 340mm (incl mechanical Counter)
Article No. 113-IWTFW312V
IWT FW312V Stronger Version
Article No. 115-AM100H
Blume and Redecker for Trapezcoils, max Wirediameter 3,75mm, max Coildiameter 340mm
Article No. 115-BRKW4
Blume und Redecker KW4 Kreuzspulen Winder
Article No. 114-TW15
Article No. 114-UKW
Thonke UKW
Article No. 113-FW212Gt
IWT FW212G 0,01-3,0mm (with pneumatic Tailstock)
Article No. 113-IWT210
IWT FW210 free programmable
Article No. 113-IWT300
IWT FW300 max 3mm
Article No. 115-AM99ot
Blume und Redecker AM99, max 0,9mm, 380Volt
Article No. 113-IWT301
Article No. 113-IWTF
IWT Free Programmable
Article No. 112-WG2,5
Aumann WG300 with electric Counter max Wirediameter 2,5mm
Article No. 113-FW212G2002
IWT FW212G Bhj 2002 mit Maschinentisch 0,01-3,0mm, Drehzahl max 8000 U/min, Verlegebreite 316mm, Spitzenhöhe 140mm, Aufspannlänge 600mm, 1,0kVA, 999 Speicher, 105kg,
Article No. 113-FW210r
IWT FW210 Year 2000 0,01-2,0mm
Article No. 114-ThonkeTW30
Thonke TW30, Wirerange 0,1-4mm, Coildiameter max 400mm Coillenght max 500mm, 1000rpm
Article No. 112-AumannWGS1,7
Aumann WGS max 1,7mm, 2 Windingstopps programmable
Article No. 113-gFW312V
IWT FW312V Year 2002 max 6mm Wirediameter, incl Machinetable, 0,01-6,0mm, Coildiameter 400mm, Coillenght 460mm
Article No. 115-VPE
Blume und Redecker VPE
Article No. 113-IWTPC
IWT PC FW110 free Programmable
Article No. 115-AM2099
Blume & Redecker Typ: AM 2099/2 Bj.: 1992
Article No. 113-FW020
Article No. 112-WGDIV
Aumann WG300
Article No. 113-FW210g
IWT FW210 Year 2000 0,01-2,0mm
Article No. 113-IWTFW201
IWT FW201 Programmable 0,01-2,0mm, Coildiameter 200mm, Coillenght 285mm
Article No. 113-FW110
IWT FW110 for Aircoils
Article No. 114-Thonke
Thonke new
Article No. 113-FW112E
IWT FW112 E with or without Hot Air Unit, 0,01-2,0mm, 0-16000 rpm, 800Ncm, Windinglenght 150mm, max Windingdiameter 200mm, 999 Programms
Article No. 113-FW212G800
IWT FW 212G 800mm Wiretraverse, Wirediameter 0,01-3,0mm, Pitch 0-60mm, max 8000rpm, 3 step Gear, max 1600Ncm, Spindleheigh 140mm, Memory 999 Products, Safetywindow, 2 Wireguides
Article No. 114-UKWH
Handwickelmaschine mit Zählwerk und Abschaltung- Diese Maschine kann an einen beliebigen Motor angeschlossen werden.
Article No. 115-BRCPW2000
Blume and Redecker CPW 2000 free programmable
Article No. 112-AumannWG1,2mm
Aumann WG max 1,2mm elektronic Counter
Article No. 114-TW30
Thonke TW30 max 3,5mm
Article No. 115-CPW2000
Blume und Redecker CPW2000- Free Programmable
Article No. 112-Umspuler
Aumann WG300 with Thonke Wiredispender
Article No. 112-AWM
Aumann WML max 0,5mm
Article No. 114-WH7517
High torque single spindle bobbin winding machine max speed 400/1600 rpm, digital control, precision traverse, 999 winding sequence memory, 230 V
Article No. 114-WH751
Wey Hwang WH751
Article No. 112-AumannWG3mm
Aumann WG 0,1-3,0mm, max Coildiameter 28cm, Wiretraverse 30cm, Distance between Center 54cm
Article No. 115-AM99g
Blume und Redecker AM99 Drahtbereich: 0,04-0,9 mm, max 2700U/min, Spitzenhöhe 150mm, Aktuell am Lager 2x mit Tisch 1x ohne Tisch
Article No. 114-WH7512014
WH751 Year 2014 like new Wiresize 0,5-3,0mm, Windingdiameter 200mm, Traverse Distance 300mm, 55kg, Brushless Motor 0-3000rpm, Pitch Range 0-9,999mm
Article No. 112-CWT
Aumann CWT as it is
Article No. 115-AM100
Blume und Redecker AM100- Max Wiresize 3,75mm, Layerend stop
Article No. 112-PWMeric
Aumann PW Meric , max 5mm
Article No. 112-WUPZ
Aumann WU mit PZ 1 Zähler
Article No. 112-WEe
Aumann WE with electronic counter
Article No. 112-WUNZ
Aumann WU mit neuem Zähler, programmierbar, max 0,55mm
Article No. 112-WU
Aumann WU
Article No. 112-WE
Aumann WE
Article No. 112-WG300H
Aumann WG 300 for bigger Coildiameter, max Wirediameter 2,5mm, electric Counter with 9 Programms
Article No. 112-KG6
Aumann K6 Kreuzspulenwickelmaschine
Article No. 112-TailstockWE
Tailstock for Aumann WU, others for WU, WG etc also available
Article No. 112-WEL2
WE Wirediameter max 0,55mm electronic Counter
Article No. 112-WEL
Aumann WE max Wirediameter 0,55mm electronic Counter
Article No. 112-TWC
Aumann TW2C Frei Programmierbar, max 5mm Drahtvorschub
Article No. 112-WG9PRO
Aumann WG 300 mit neuen elektronischen Zähler 9 Programme.
Article No. 11-WH
WH like new
Article No. 118-BE23
Bobifil BE23 Wirerange 0,05-2,5mm, Wiretransfer 180mm, Coildiameter max 220mm, less workinghours
Article No. 116-202w
Schümann Selecta 202 max 1500rpm, max 0,7mkg
Article No. 118-Handwinder
Handwinder with Tailstock and mechanical Counter SH15cm SW5cm
Article No. 116-202F
Schümann Selecta 202 fliegende Verlegeeinheit, max Drahtdurchmesser 1,2mm
Article No. 118-W50
Ramm W50, max Spulendurchmesser 600mm, Verlegeweg ca 700mm, max Drahtdurchmesser 6mm, Vorschub pro Umdrehung 12mm, sehr wenig Betriebsstd
Article No. 11-FL121
Micafil FL 121
Article No. 116-202gr
Schümann Selecta 202 max wiresize 2mm
Article No. 118-RW30
Ramm W30
Article No. 112-CWTx
Aumann CWT as it is
Article No. 18-SetelecR3
Setelec R3 6kV
Article No. 18-Ismet 5000 Volt
ISMET 5KV incl 2 Testpistols
Article No. 18-Thumm
Thumm 5000Volt incl 2 Testpistols
Article No. 18-Prüfrex2,5
Prüfrex 2500 Volt incl 2 Testpistols
Article No. 18-TRAH
Highvoltagetesting 5 KV incl Testpistols
Article No. 18-WZL
Windingcounter WZL 181, mit Prüfjoch PJ-1
Article No. 18-Windung
WZL 181, PJ1
Article No. 18-Newtest
Highvoltagetesting in New, different sizes
Article No. 18-LCR401
LCR Databridge 401
Article No. 18-3phasetrafo
3 Phasen Stufentrafo
Article No. 18-ELA
Elabo Highvoltagetesting incl 2 Testpistols
Article No. 18-Prüfrex6
Prüfrex H17 6000 Volt incl 2 Testpistols
Article No. 18-Seipp5KV
Seipp JMP-68-5000/E/S 5000 Volt incl 2 Testpistols
Article No. 18-Highvotest
Highvoltagetesting UH and Thumm
Article No. 18-UH270i
UH 270 incl Test Pistols
Article No. 19-DOS
Dosieranlage, Microdosierung
Article No. 1-PAP
Blume und redecker automatische Papierzuführeinheit
Article No. 19-Vertical220
Verticalwindingmachine Faceplate Diameter 220cm Year 2009 Fibro Controller
Article No. 19-Verticalwinder
2 Windingdirections, Electronic Counter, Start-Stop with Pedal, Windingspeed adjustable with Potti, Faceplate Diameter 750mm, Height of Faceplate about 1500mm
Article No. 18-IVORM215
IVO RM 215-L/2 AC / DC Breakdown Leakage Ionisation Tester 12kV
Article No. 117-HWM600-N
Siemens HWM600-N
Article No. 112-AumannPW
PW with PZ1, 0,01-5,0mm, Coildiameter max 280mm, Coillenght max 200mm, 12 Programms
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