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Article No. 133-LWS6
Aumann LWS/S 6-160
Article No. 138-AK6
Kinomat AK6/120-R
Article No. 132-6/100
Marsilli WM2001/6-100, Video from the working Machine available
Article No. 132-Marsi4
Marsilli 4-150 0,15-1,25mm, still by our customer, Video available
Article No. 132-4/150
Marsilli WM2002/ 4-150 + Shuttle
Article No. 132-6-100r
Marsilli 6-100 as it is
Article No. 132-WM15E3
Marsilli Flyer WM15/2P with 2 Wiretensioners E3, as it is
Article No. 131-PRA1000
Meteor PRA1000 4 Spindles, Wirediameter max 1,2mm, max 18000 rpm,Video available
Article No. 132-WM2001/4
Marsilli 4 Spindle WM2001/4 Year 1990 2 Wire Technology, max Wire Diameter 1,4mm , 8000rpm, Coildiameter 100mm, Spindledistance 120mm, Coillenght 100mm
Article No. 131-PRA10006
Meteor PRA 1000 6 Spindles,Wirediameter max 1,2mm, max 18000 rpm, Video available
Article No. 132-MarsilliWM10
Marsilli WM10 Aircoils
Article No. 132-Tools1
Marsilli Tools UI75a/26,5, UI75b/41,5, EI84a/29,5AK, UI90b 7 51,5, UI90/41,5, UI90/41,5, UI90a/31,5, EI96/45, EI96/35, EI120a/41,7AK, EI135/52AK
Article No. 132-Tools2
Marsilli Tools 2- EI43,AK, EI96/59, EI120b/53,7-AK, EI135/62AK, EI135/72-AK, EI150Nb/66,6AK, EI174/62
Article No. 132-SAM
Minos Ariane
Article No. 132-DigitAx
Digit Ax Ac Servo DRive 1,4-22KW
Article No. 132-Duty
Dutym Ax DS
Article No. 132-8-100
Marsilli 8-100
Article No. 132-MaSh
Marsilli 16-50 Bhj 1999
Article No. 137-DAKFlyer
DAK Flyer
Article No. 132-Marsilli6-100
Marsilli WM2002/6-100 Year 1994 max Wirediameter 0,8mm, 15000rpm, Coildiameter 70mm
Article No. 137-DAK2D
DAK AK 2D incl Taping
Article No. 132-Marsilli250
Marsilli 2-250 Year 1994 Less working hours
Article No. 137-DAK1T
DAK AK-1 with automatic Taping
Article No. 137-DAKAK1
Article No. 132-MarsLine
Marsilli Linie 6 Spindle, Vibration pot, Kontact insert, winding, welding, forming, HV checking
Article No. 132-2-150
Marsilli 2002-2-250 Bj.1995
Article No. 132-18
Marsilli 18 Spindler 1991 - komplette Fertigungslinie
Article No. 132-5
Marsilli WM2001-5
Article No. 132-4-150CF
Marsilli 4-150CF
Article No. 132-6
Marsilli WM2001-6
Article No. 132-Marsilli2-150
2-150 incl Taping, Wiretensioners, active cutting
Article No. 131-MMS110c
Meteor MMS110 6 Spindles, axial and radial Termination, Lifter for the Tensioners, incl Shuttle
Article No. 132-Marsilli2-150
Marsilli 2 Spindles Spindledistance 150mm, Numer of Spindles 2, Wire size 0,02-0,7mm,Speed 15000rpm, Including automatic Taping
Article No. 132-2/200
Marsilli 2 Spindler mit Palletiersystem
Article No. 132-4-150
Marsilli 4-150 mit Ladeshuttle und Paletiersystem
Article No. 132-6-100
Marsilli 6-100
Article No. 132-Marsilli18Spindles
Marsilli LDP 18-50 18 Spindles Year 1992
Article No. 132-Marsilli12
Marsilli 12 Spindle, Spindledistance 80mm, 2 pcs available
Article No. 131-MMS110ar
Meteor MMS110, 6 Spindles, Lifter for the Wiretensionerbar, axial and radial termination
Article No. 132-Mars12-50
Marsilli Mars 12-50 Year 1999
Article No. 132-Marsilli1150
Marsilli 2-150 Retrofit 2021 with new PC with Windows 10, 18000rpm, 0,02-0,7mm Wirerange, Spindledistance 150mm
Article No. 132-Marsilli1280
Marsilli 12-80 12 Spindles
Article No. 131-PRA620SD
Meteor PRA620 with new Interface 2021 and SD Card
Article No. 131-PRA620i
Meteor PRA620 with active cutting, Monitor and USB Keyboard, New Interface 2023
Article No. 131-M60
Meteor M60 6 Spindles 0,025-0,45mm, Windingwidht max 80mm, max 15000 rpm, Spindledistance 104mm
Article No. 131-MLSb
Meteor MLS cmpl Line
Article No. 131-MLSa
Meteor MLS cmpl Line available May 2022
Article No. 131-InterfaceSD
New Interface 2021
Article No. 131-Interface
Article No. 131-Me307108
Me307 108 Hot Air Coils as it is
Article No. 131-PRA 600
Meteor PRA 600
Article No. 131-PRA400
Meteor PRA400
Article No. 131-PRA620cut
PRA620 Cutting bar
Article No. 131-MMS110L
Article No. 131-MMS100
Meteor MMS100 3 Spindler mit Laptop
Article No. 131-MeteorMMS100
Meteor MMS100, 5 Spindle
Article No. 131-MMS201M
Article No. 131-MMS110
Meteor MMS110 only 1000 Hours working. Year 2000. If you want we can make a short Shuttle on this machine and then you have it without the LJU unit.
Article No. 131-PRAPC
Meteor PRA620 A PC 1995 – VERKAUFT!
Article No. 131-PRA620MTA
Meteor PRA620 with automatic Taping and 2 Wiretechnology
Article No. 131-M62/3
Meteor M62 3 Spindle, active Cutting
Article No. 131-M120l
Meteor M120
Article No. 131-M62
Meteor M62
Article No. 131-PRA620Interface
PRA620 with Interface, cmpl checked with new Revolermotor ,new Bearings , new Belts. Incl pneumatic Liftsystem for the Tensionerbars
Article No. 137-FL165
Micafil cmpl Line incl Spareparts
Article No. 133-LWSE3
Aumann LWS/E 3-160, Year 2004, 2 Wiretechnology, Wirerange 0,02-0,8mm, max 12000 rpm
Article No. 133-RTS112w
Aumann RTS 122- Windingvideo available
Article No. 133-TW1c
Aumann Aircoil TW1C with Tools
Article No. 133-12SP
Aumann 12 Spindler
Article No. 133-AUM13
Aumann Linie
Article No. 133-WPA
Aumann WPA Rundtischautomat
Article No. 133-WPAdoppel
Aumann WPA Doppelspindelfolgewickelautomat
Article No. 133-AumannWPA
Aumann WPA with electric Counter
Article No. 133-ALW
Aumann LWSE 6-80
Article No. 133-LWSE4
Aumann LWS/E 4-160
Article No. 133-Aumann 2011
Aumann 2 Spindelwickelautomat incl Isolieren und verkleben mit Heißkleber, Schneiden, 4 Elektronische Drahtspanngeräte, 4 Abroller
Article No. 133-AUHK
Aumann HKW
Article No. 133-RTS314
Aumann RTS 314
Article No. 138-AK4
Kinomat AK-4-150 with electronic Wirebreaks Year 2001
Article No. 134-MBL6
Sipro MBL6 Spindledistance 80mm 2 pcs available, on 4 Sindle BLT is also available
Article No. 134-SiproMAB04
Sipro Aircoilautomat MAB04 Wirediameter 0,25-1,2mm, 3200 pcs per hour, Lenght ipping 24mm, 2 axes, 1KVA
Article No. 138-KinomatAK6
Kinomat AK6 6 Spindle
Article No. 138-Detzo
Detzo Single Spindle Hot Air Hollow Winding machine 0,04-0,3mm Coildiameter max 40mm, Maximum Width 10mm, 3000W,
Article No. 137-MIP
Micafil OFA PEB incl fullautomatic Paperisolation
Article No. 136-MICP
Micafil OFA incl Paperisolation, for max 5 Coils, incl cutting, Video available
Article No. 137-BOBB
Bobifil B 0,06-1,6mm,Max Coildiameter 200mm, Windinglenght 2-100mm, max 4500 U/min
Article No. 134-SI6
Sipro MBL 6, Year 2000, Wirediameter 0,02-1,3mm, max 24000rpm, with shuttle, active cutting, incl Wiretensioners
Article No. 138-KINRK6
Kinomat RK6-60 Zweidrahttechnik, wenig Betriebstd , incl elektronische Drahtbremsen
Article No. 138-KinomatAK6m
Kinomat AK6-60
Article No. 138-AK1
Kinomat AK1 for Aircoils Year 2005- checked April 2018
Article No. 137-WH764
WH 764 like new
Article No. 136-ATS12
ATS 12 Spindelautomat Bhj2000
Article No. 137-AK6
Kinomat AK 6-60 Bhj 2000 and 2002 max Wirediameter 0,6mm Spindledistance 60mm 12000rpm m
Article No. 137-IWSKRDQA
Air Coil Winding Automat from Ingrid West Type SKR-DQA1 CNC Coilwindingmachine- only 4 Yeras old
Article No. 135-IngridWest
Ingrid West - Fullautomatic Aircoilwindingmachine-only one week working-like new
Article No. 135-IWAircoils
Fullautomatic Aircoilwinder
Article No. 137-BOBI6
Bobifil 6 Spindler mit Revolverbalken und Elektronischem Zähler
Article No. 137-FL162
Micafil FL162 (mit 6 Spulenaufnahmen)
Article No. 135-WH6Sindles
WH-2006-220V 6 Spindler like New incl Course and Tools ETD 29 und ETD 34
Article No. 138-AK2
Kinomat AK2-145 with automatic Taping Year 1999
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