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Article No. 133-LWSE3
Aumann LWS/E 3-160, Year 2004, 2 Wiretechnology, Wirerange 0,02-0,8mm, max 12000 rpm
Article No. 133-RTS112w
Aumann RTS 122- Windingvideo available
Article No. 133-TW1c
Aumann Aircoil TW1C with Tools
Article No. 133-12SP
Aumann 12 Spindler
Article No. 133-AUM13
Aumann Linie
Article No. 133-WPA
Aumann WPA Rundtischautomat
Article No. 133-WPAdoppel
Aumann WPA Doppelspindelfolgewickelautomat
Article No. 133-AumannWPA
Aumann WPA with electric Counter
Article No. 133-ALW
Aumann LWSE 6-80
Article No. 133-LWSE4
Aumann LWS/E 4-160
Article No. 133-Aumann 2011
Aumann 2 Spindelwickelautomat incl Isolieren und verkleben mit Heißkleber, Schneiden, 4 Elektronische Drahtspanngeräte, 4 Abroller
Article No. 133-AUHK
Aumann HKW
Article No. 133-RTS314
Aumann RTS 314
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