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Article No. 132-4/150
Marsilli WM2002/ 4-150 + Shuttle
Article No. 132-6/100
Marsilli WM2001/6-100, Video from the working Machine available
Article No. 132-6-100r
Marsilli 6-100 as it is
Article No. 132-WM2001/4
Marsilli 4 Spindle WM2001/4 Year 1990 2 Wire Technology, max Wire Diameter 1,4mm , 8000rpm, Coildiameter 100mm, Spindledistance 120mm, Coillenght 100mm
Article No. 132-MarsilliWM10
Marsilli WM10 Aircoils
Article No. 132-Tools1
Marsilli Tools UI75a/26,5, UI75b/41,5, EI84a/29,5AK, UI90b 7 51,5, UI90/41,5, UI90/41,5, UI90a/31,5, EI96/45, EI96/35, EI120a/41,7AK, EI135/52AK
Article No. 132-Tools2
Marsilli Tools 2- EI43,AK, EI96/59, EI120b/53,7-AK, EI135/62AK, EI135/72-AK, EI150Nb/66,6AK, EI174/62
Article No. 132-WM15
Marsilli WM15/2P with PC
Article No. 132-SAM
Minos Ariane
Article No. 132-DigitAx
Digit Ax Ac Servo DRive 1,4-22KW
Article No. 132-Duty
Dutym Ax DS
Article No. 132-8-100
Marsilli 8-100
Article No. 132-MaSh
Marsilli 16-50 Bhj 1999
Article No. 132-Marsilli6-100
Marsilli WM2002/6-100 Year 1994 max Wirediameter 0,8mm, 15000rpm, Coildiameter 70mm
Article No. 132-Marsilli250
Marsilli 2-250 Year 1994 Less working hours
Article No. 132-MarsLine
Marsilli Linie 6 Spindle, Vibration pot, Kontact insert, winding, welding, forming, HV checking
Article No. 132-2-150
Marsilli 2002-2-250 Bj.1995
Article No. 132-18
Marsilli 18 Spindler 1991 - komplette Fertigungslinie
Article No. 132-5
Marsilli WM2001-5
Article No. 132-4-150CF
Marsilli 4-150CF
Article No. 132-6
Marsilli WM2001-6
Article No. 132-Marsilli2-150
2-150 incl Taping, Wiretensioners, active cutting
Article No. 132-Marsilli2-150
Marsilli 2 Spindles Spindledistance 150mm, Numer of Spindles 2, Wire size 0,02-0,7mm,Speed 15000rpm, Including automatic Taping
Article No. 132-2/200
Marsilli 2 Spindler mit Palletiersystem
Article No. 132-4-150
Marsilli 4-150 mit Ladeshuttle und Paletiersystem
Article No. 132-6-100
Marsilli 6-100
Article No. 132-Marsilli18Spindles
Marsilli LDP 18-50 18 Spindles Year 1992
Article No. 132-Marsilli12
Marsilli 12 Spindle, Spindledistance 80mm, 2 pcs available
Article No. 132-Mars12-50
Marsilli Mars 12-50 Year 1999
Article No. 132-Marsilli1150
Marsilli 2-150 Retrofit 2021 with new PC with Windows 10, 18000rpm, 0,02-0,7mm Wirerange, Spindledistance 150mm
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