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Article No. 131-MMS110c
Meteor MMS110 6 Spindles, axial and radial Termination, Lifter for the Tensioners, incl Shuttle
Article No. 131-MLSb
Meteor MLS cmpl Line
Article No. 131-MLSa
Meteor MLS cmpl Line available May 2022
Article No. 131-PRA620i
Meteor PRA620 with active cutting, Monitor and USB Keyboard, New Interface 2023
Article No. 131-PRA620SD
Meteor PRA620 with new Interface 2021 and SD Card
Article No. 131-M60
Meteor M60 6 Spindles 0,025-0,45mm, Windingwidht max 80mm, max 15000 rpm, Spindledistance 104mm
Article No. 131-InterfaceSD
New Interface 2021
Article No. 131-Interface
Article No. 131-Me307108
Me307 108 Hot Air Coils as it is
Article No. 131-PRA 600
Meteor PRA 600
Article No. 131-PRA400
Meteor PRA400
Article No. 131-PRA620cut
PRA620 Cutting bar
Article No. 131-MMS110L
Article No. 131-MMS100
Meteor MMS100 3 Spindler mit Laptop
Article No. 131-MeteorMMS100
Meteor MMS100, 5 Spindle
Article No. 131-MMS201M
Article No. 131-MMS110
Meteor MMS110 only 1000 Hours working. Year 2000. If you want we can make a short Shuttle on this machine and then you have it without the LJU unit.
Article No. 131-PRAPC
Meteor PRA620 A PC 1995 – VERKAUFT!
Article No. 131-PRA620MTA
Meteor PRA620 with automatic Taping and 2 Wiretechnology
Article No. 131-M62/3
Meteor M62 3 Spindle, active Cutting
Article No. 131-M120l
Meteor M120
Article No. 131-M62
Meteor M62
Article No. 131-PRA620Interface
PRA620 with Interface, cmpl checked with new Revolermotor ,new Bearings , new Belts. Incl pneumatic Liftsystem for the Tensionerbars
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