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Article No. 126-ER500B
Bobifil ER500B 0,05-8,0mm incl 2 Wireguides
Article No. 123-Micafil
Micafil MW125 with a Retrofit from Stollberg in 2011 with new Touchscreen, new Controller new Motor, new Gear, new Wireguide with Pressfunction Type FLAP35, Coildiameter 1600mm, Coillenght 3000mm, Max Coilweight 8000kg, 7,5PS, 5,5KW, max 1600mkg, 27rpm,
Article No. 123-VIG3000
Micafil VIG3000 Spindleheigh 120cm
Article No. 126-WTERoV
Bobifil ER1200 with Touchsreen , Coildiameter 800mm, Windinglenght1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, (PC), 5,5kw, max 890 Nm
Article No. 123-MW100
Micafil MW100
Article No. 124-AM3150
Blume + Redecker AM3150, 340 Nm, Pitch 0-50mm, max Coildiameter 750mm, Max Coillenght 1200mm, 2000rpm, 10,9kW, 1,5to, incl Paperisolation, Wirebreak control, was 2016 checked from B+R
Article No. 123-MicafilMW
Article No. 123-MICR
Micafil mit Reitstock , maschinenbett ohne Verlegeeineheit
Article No. 129-Pleuger
Pleuger Year 1995 3 pcs in Stock incl Wiredereeler
Article No. 123-MICA
Micafil max 8mm Drahtdurchmesser
Article No. 126-ER1200oV
Bobifil ER1200, electric Counter
Article No. 123-MIC
Micafil Diamater of Coil 2000mm incl Tailstock
Article No. 126-BobifilER900
Bobifil ER 900 max12mm mit MP Controller, die Maschine wird momentan revidiert, verfügbar September 2020
Article No. 123-MW120
Micafil MW120
Article No. 126-Winder
Winder without working hours with FU,electric Counter with 9 Programmable Stops, 2 Windingdirections, Speedregulation Handpotti, 380Volt, no brake
Article No. 126-Flender
Flender, Powerfull Machine, mechanic Counter, Tailstock also available
Article No. 126-A+N2007
A+N Europe BV Type 3000-S, Capacity 3to, Torque 2802 Nm, Coildiameter 2800mm, Speed 0,024-0,61 rev/min, Year 2007
Article No. 126-LAH
Lahmeyer mit Papiereinschuss
Article No. 126-EB
EB bis 4 mm Drahtstärke
Article No. 126-THONKE
Thonke EW
Article No. 126-greifkl
Greif Wickelmaschine klein
Article No. 126-SPREIZ
Spreizdorne - Expanding Mandrels.1. Lenght 500mm Diameter 110-150mm-2. Lenght 600mm Diameter 140-200mm
Article No. 126-neu
Wickelmaschine neu
Article No. 126-ER900B
Bobifil ER900B, incl new electronic Counter with Pre and Mainstop, Wirerange 0,05-8mm, Coildiameter max 500mm, Coillenght 800mm, Retrofit 2020
Article No. 126-WTER1200V
ER1200 Touchscreen Year 2007, 0,01-99,99mm, max 890Nm, Coil Diameter 800mm, Windinglenght 1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, 5,5kw
Article No. 126-EBM
Strong Windingmachine with Tailstock
Article No. 129-Pleuger25t
Pleuger PWM25.000/2.500, Faceplate 2,5m, Coillenght 3,5m , max Coilweight 25t, Year 2008
Article No. 126-ER1700
Bobifil ER1700
Article No. 126-Lae
L.A.E. Wickelmaschine
Article No. 126-G8
Unimat G8
Article No. 126-RammW80
Ramm W80 0,2-30mm, less Working hours, Max Coildiameter 1500mm, Max Coilenght 1800mm
Article No. 126-ER1200b
ER1200 Coil Diameter 800mm, Windinglenght 1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, 5,5kw
Article No. 126-ER1200
Bobifil ER 1200
Article No. 121-WTER1200
ER1200 Touchscreen Year 2011, 0,01-99,99mm, max 890Nm, Coil Diameter 800mm, Windinglenght 1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, 5,5kw
Article No. 126-H3600
Windinglenght 3600mm,Diameter 800mm, max Coilweight 20to,10rpm,max Mandrel torque 39500Nm
Article No. 121-SchümannFormcoil
Schümann for Formcoils, Lenght 220cm, elektrik Counter, Faceplatediameter 500mm, Pedal left and right, Potti for Speedregulation
Article No. 121-Schümann205b
Schümann 205, 125Nm, Wirerange 0,4-8mm, max 1250U/min, Windinglenght 700mm, Coildiameter max 440mm, Coileweight 200kg, Machine weight 735kg
Article No. 121-Selecta211gl
Selecta 211
Article No. 121-Selecta212gr
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 121-211S
Selecta 211 , max Coildiameter 170cm , Speedcontrol with Pedal
Article No. 121-211g
Selecta 211
Article No. 121-Selecta211r
Selecta 211
Article No. 121-Selecta212p
Schümann Selecta212 incl pneumatic Tailstock
Article No. 121-Selecta212a
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 121-Selecta212g
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 121-Selekta230
Schümann Selekta 230, 8-560 rpm, 50mkg
Article No. 124-B+RWM3
Blume und Redecker WM3
Article No. 129-Pleuger1t
Pleuger PWM1.000/700 Year 2001, Diameter max 700mm, Coillenght 1000mm, max 1t, Wirerange 0,2-3,0mm Speed 0-200rpm, Force 70N
Article No. 129-PleugerMCW10-02
Pleuger MCW 10-02 Year 1995 Coildiameter 800mm, Coillenght 1200mm, Size 110x287xH200cm
Article No. 122-StollbergS4
Stollberg S4 with Tailstock, max Coildiameter 56cm , max Coillenght 140cm,5/10/15/20/30/40 rpm
Article No. 124-AM150c
Blume und Redecker AM150 free programmable
Article No. 124-BRAM2150
Blume und Redecker AM2150
Article No. 124-AM150g
B+R AM150 at the moment not new painted, Spindledistance 800mm Spindleheigh 300mm Wirerange 0,16-13,2mm
Article No. 129-PleugerMCW10-08
Pleuger MCW10-08 Year 1999, Coildiameter 1200mm, Coillenght 2000mm
Article No. 124-AM150oR
B+R AM150 without Tailstock
Article No. 12-211
Selecta 211
Article No. 129-PleugerD
In total 5 Pleuger Windingmachines Year from 1995-1999 in our Stock in Meßkirch Germany
Article No. 125-Thonke
Thonke with mechanical Counter, 2 Speeds, 2 Windingdirections, without automatic stop
Article No. 124-BRAM3150
Blume und Redecker AM3150 Year 1995
Article No. 127-H30
New H30. Max Coildia 1900mm,Coillength 300mm, max Coilweight 150 kg, max Torque 650kgm, Speeds 0-373rpm, 4 Kw,weight 600kg, Faceplatediameter 500mm, elektronic Brake, Inverter with electronic Foot Pedal, Safety Guard, Digital preset Counter
Article No. 127-H950
New Linear Winder H950.Windingpitch 0,1-30mm, max Cross Section 250mm,max Lenght of Coil 900mm, max Coildiameter 500mm, Speed I 0-80,II 0-300,III 0-700rpm, Weight 520 kg
Article No. 127-H31
NEW Windingmachine H31. max Coildiameter 1900mm, max Coillenght 2000mm, max weight of Coil 600 kg, max Torque 650kgm,Speeds 0-373 rpm, 4 Kw,Weight 1050kg,Faceplatediameter 500mm , optional 800mm possible
Article No. 122-StollbergC
Stollberg S1, new Motorcontroller with WEG Motor, Coildiameter 700 mm, Coillenght 1300mm, max Wirediameter 10mm, Emergency Stop, Pedal, 3 Gears 20-150rpm, Total Size 90x230xH150cm
Article No. 122-StoS1
Stollberg S1
Article No. 122-SOS
Stollberg S OS
Article No. 12-TWC
Aumann TWC
Article No. 122-Stollberg2,5m
Stollberg Coillenght 2900mm - Lenght of the Mandrel is 2900mm, 3 different Diameter available 450mm to max 1400mm
Article No. 112-Stollberg
Article No. 128-EZ900
Erasan EZ900
Article No. 122-Stollberg1,7
Stollberg - Coildiameter 1,7m, Stock Meßkirch
Article No. 128-ER1200
Erasan 1200 also ER 900 available
Article No. 125-WetzelVariat
Wetzel Variat 800, 200Nm, MK4, Max Coildiameter 800mm, max 1000rpm, 380 Volt, without Wiretransfer, actual Picture comes in some Days
Article No. 122-S4
Stollberg S4
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