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Article No. 122-S151
Stollberg S151, 0-265 rpm, 0,18-15mm Pitch
Article No. 121-FMD
FMD (Dresden) Formcoils, 2000Nm, 5-15 rpm,Lenght 220cmor 180cm, elektrik Counter, Faceplatediameter 500mm, Pedal left and right, Potti for Speedregulation,880kg, Year 1994
Article No. 122-StollbergC
Stollberg S1, new Motorcontroller with WEG Motor, Coildiameter 700 mm, Coillenght 1300mm, max Wirediameter 10mm, Emergency Stop, Pedal, 3 Gears 20-150rpm, Total Size 90x230xH150cm
Article No. 121-Schümann205b
Schümann 205, 125Nm, Wirerange 0,4-8mm, max 1250U/min, Windinglenght 700mm, Coildiameter max 440mm, Coileweight 200kg, Machine weight 735kg
Article No. 122-StoS1
Stollberg S1
Article No. 121-Selecta211gl
Selecta 211
Article No. 122-StollbergS4
Stollberg S4 with Tailstock, max Coildiameter 56cm , max Coillenght 140cm,5/10/15/20/30/40 rpm
Article No. 122-S4
Stollberg S4
Article No. 121-211gr
Schümann Selecta 211
Article No. 122-SOS
Stollberg S OS
Article No. 121-Selecta211r
Selecta 211
Article No. 122-Stollberg2,5m
Stollberg Coillenght 2900mm - Lenght of the Mandrel is 2900mm, 3 different Diameter available 450mm to max 1400mm
Article No. 112-Stollberg
Article No. 121-Schü212
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 121-Selecta212p
Schümann Selecta212 incl pneumatic Tailstock
Article No. 121-Selecta212g
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 122-S6FS
Stollberg S6FS
Article No. 121-Selekta230
Schümann Selekta 230, 8-560 rpm, 50mkg
Article No. 121-211g
Selecta 211
Article No. 121-Selecta212a
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 121-Selekta230
Schümann Selekta 230, 8-560rpm, 50mkg
Article No. 121-211S
Selecta 211 , max Coildiameter 170cm
Article No. 121-Selecta212gr
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 126-Tuboly
Tuboly SSTU 2 SH1200mm, Spannbereich 880-1020mm, max Coilweight 2to, 0-5rpm
Article No. 127-Vario18
Vario18 Year 2023/24, Windinglenght 180cm , 200Nm.
Article No. 126-THONKE
Thonke EW till max 4mm Wirediameter
Article No. 126-FuR
Froitzheim and Rudert 0,3-7,0mm, Coillenght 350mm, max Coildiameter 500mm, without automatic Stop
Article No. 126-Flender
Flender, Powerfull Machine, mechanic Counter, Tailstock also available
Article No. 126-A+N2007
A+N Europe BV Type 3000-S, Capacity 3to, Torque 2802 Nm, Coildiameter 2800mm, Speed 0,024-0,61 rev/min, Year 2007
Article No. 126-LAHMEYER
Lahmeyer incl Paperisolation for Retrofit
Article No. 126-EB
EB bis 4 mm Drahtstärke
Article No. 126-SPREIZ
Spreizdorne - Expanding Mandrels.1. Lenght 500mm Diameter 110-150mm-2. Lenght 600mm Diameter 140-200mm
Article No. 126-ER900B
Bobifil ER900B, incl new electronic Counter with Pre and Mainstop, Wirerange 0,05-8mm, Coildiameter max 500mm, Coillenght 800mm, Retrofit 2020
Article No. 126-WTER1200V
ER1200 Touchscreen Year 2007, 0,01-99,99mm, max 890Nm, Coil Diameter 800mm, Windinglenght 1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, 5,5kw
Article No. 126-EBM
Strong Windingmachine with Tailstock
Article No. 126-ER1700
Bobifil ER1700
Article No. 126-Lae
L.A.E. Wickelmaschine
Article No. 126-G8
Unimat G8
Article No. 126-RammW80
Ramm W80 0,2-30mm, less Working hours, Max Coildiameter 1500mm, Max Coilenght 1800mm
Article No. 126-ER1200b
ER1200 Coil Diameter 800mm, Windinglenght 1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, 5,5kw
Article No. 126-ER1200
Bobifil ER 1200
Article No. 121-WTER1200
ER1200 Touchscreen Year 2011, 0,01-99,99mm, max 890Nm, Coil Diameter 800mm, Windinglenght 1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, 5,5kw
Article No. 126-H3600
Windinglenght 3600mm,Diameter 800mm, max Coilweight 20to,10rpm,max Mandrel torque 39500Nm
Article No. 126-ER500B
Bobifil ER500B 0,05-8,0mm incl 2 Wireguides
Article No. 126-neu
Wickelmaschine neu
Article No. 126-ER900
Bobifil ER900-B max Cupper Diameter 8mm
Article No. 126-ER900Be
Bobifil ER900B 0,05- 8mm electronic Counter, checked June 2021
Article No. 124-B+RWM3
Blume und Redecker WM3, max Coildiameter 215cm, varabel Tailstock,3500Nm, 0-60 rpm, max Coilweight 8 to, Faceplatediameter 650mm, IVO Counter NE218
Article No. 124-AM3150
Blume + Redecker AM3150, 340 Nm, Pitch 0-50mm, max Coildiameter 750mm, Max Coillenght 1200mm, 2000rpm, 10,9kW, 1,5to, incl Paperisolation, Wirebreak control
Article No. 129-Pleuger1t
Pleuger PWM1.000/700 Year 2001, Diameter max 700mm, Coillenght 1000mm, max 1t, Wirerange 0,2-3,0mm Speed 0-200rpm, Force 70N
Article No. 129-Pleuger25t
Pleuger PWM25.000/2.500, Faceplate 2,5m, Coillenght 3,5m , max Coilweight 25t, Year 2008
Article No. 123-MicafilMW
Micafil Typ IL max 8mm Wirediameter
Article No. 123-MICR
Micafil mit Reitstock , maschinenbett ohne Verlegeeineheit
Article No. 129-Pleuger
Pleuger Year 1995 3 pcs in Stock incl Wiredereeler
Article No. 129-PleugerMCW10-02
Pleuger MCW 10-02 Year 1995 Coildiameter 800mm, Coillenght 1200mm, Size 110x287xH200cm
Article No. 124-AM150c
Blume und Redecker AM150 free programmable
Article No. 124-BRAM2150
Blume und Redecker AM2150
Article No. 124-AM150g
B+R AM150 at the moment not new painted, Spindledistance 800mm Spindleheigh 300mm Wirerange 0,16-13,2mm
Article No. 129-PleugerMCW10-08
Pleuger MCW10-08 Year 1999, Coildiameter 1200mm, Coillenght 2000mm
Article No. 124-AM150oR
B+R AM150 without Tailstock
Article No. 12-211
Selecta 211
Article No. 129-PleugerD
In total 5 Pleuger Windingmachines Year from 1995-1999 in our Stock in Meßkirch Germany
Article No. 125-Thonke
Thonke with mechanical Counter, 2 Speeds, 2 Windingdirections, without automatic stop
Article No. 127-H30
New H30. Max Coildia 1900mm,Coillength 300mm, max Coilweight 150 kg, max Torque 650kgm, Speeds 0-373rpm, 4 Kw,weight 600kg, Faceplatediameter 500mm, elektronic Brake, Inverter with electronic Foot Pedal, Safety Guard, Digital preset Counter
Article No. 127-H950
New Linear Winder H950.Windingpitch 0,1-30mm, max Cross Section 250mm,max Lenght of Coil 900mm, max Coildiameter 500mm, Speed I 0-80,II 0-300,III 0-700rpm, Weight 520 kg
Article No. 127-H31
NEW Windingmachine H31. max Coildiameter 1900mm, max Coillenght 2000mm, max weight of Coil 600 kg, max Torque 650kgm,Speeds 0-373 rpm, 4 Kw,Weight 1050kg,Faceplatediameter 500mm , optional 800mm possible
Article No. 123-MIC
Micafil Diamater of Coil 2000mm incl Tailstock
Article No. 123-MICA
Micafil max 8mm Drahtdurchmesser
Article No. 124-BRAM3150
Blume und Redecker AM3150 Year 1995
Article No. 12-TWC
Aumann TWC
Article No. 128-EZ900
Erasan EZ900
Article No. 128-ER1200
Erasan 1200 also ER 900 available
Article No. 125-WetzelVariat
Wetzel Variat 800, 200Nm, MK4, Max Coildiameter 800mm, max 1000rpm, 380 Volt, without Wiretransfer, actual Picture comes in some Days
Article No. 125-UKW1
Thonke UKW1, 380Volt
Article No. 123-MW120
Micafil MW120
Article No. 124-WM2
Blume und Redecker WM2-15 DR, max Coildiameter 1200mm, max 3 to,max Windinglength 1425mm, 0-200U/min, 1500Nm, 18kVA
Article No. 128-ER900B
Bobifil ER900B mit Erasan Retrofit max 6mm
Article No. 126-ER1200oV
Bobifil ER1200, electric Counter
Article No. 126-WTERoV
Bobifil ER1200 with Touchsreen checkt October 2022 , Coildiameter 800mm, Windinglenght1100mm, max Coilweight 1500kg, (PC), 5,5kw, max 890 Nm
Article No. 126-BobifilER900MP
Bobifil ER 900 max12mm with MP Controller, as it is for Spareparts etc
Article No. 126-BobER500B
Bobifil ER500B 0,04-8,0mm
Article No. 123-Micafil
For Sale from a Customer: Micafil MW125 with a Retrofit from Stollberg in 2011 with new Touchscreen, new Controller new Motor, new Gear, new Wireguide with Pressfunction Type FLAP35, Coildiameter 1600mm, Coillenght 3000mm, Max Coilweight 8000kg, 7,5PS, 5
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