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Article No. 15-BRTwister
B+R Twister can be used with Batterie or Akku Price 240 Eur in New
Article No. 15-HANDVERDR
Aumann Skeiner mechanical.Only 2 pcs in Stock
Article No. 15-5Pillarhouse
Pillarhouse Skeiner 5 Spindles Lenhgt 500mm-In Dez 2017 checked by Pillarhouse
Article No. 15-PillarE2
2 Pcs Pillarhouse E2 350mm
Article No. 15-E6
Pillarhouse E6
Article No. 15-Aumann
Aumann Skeiner 12 Spindles only 1200 Eur
Article No. 15-ABISO
Abisofix with Twisterhead NEW and USED in Stock
Article No. 15-GESTELL
Fahrbares stabiles Gestell für Pillarhouse Verdraller
Article No. 15-Pilla2
Pillarhouse II 6 fach Verdraller 650-W-6-100
Article No. 15-PILLAM-II
Pillamat II - 4 Spindels
Article No. 15-Pilla35
Pillarhouse E2 Lenght 350mm Delivertime 4 Weeks
Article No. 15-E6Pilla
Pillarhouse E6 Twister
Article No. 15-PillaII
Verdraller Pillarhouse PillamatII 4 Spindler
Article No. 15-PillaE
Pillarhouse E2 Lenght 700mm (1 pcs available)
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