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Article No. 16-ESSd
ESS KD-1 TM 30-123/150/S1/2-2/N4/KD with EI54 Tool
Article No. 16-Essb
Ess EI Welding Automat TM30.123/S1/2 2/N2 Controller PLS-510 as it is
Article No. 16-Leister
Leister Hotair Unit
Article No. 16-TKSM2002
Waasner TKSM 2002/2/4
Article No. 16-WAASNER2
Article No. 16-TKSM5000
Waasner TKSM HV 5000 with Tools EI 48, EI 54, EI 60
Article No. 16-TKSM2100
TKSM 2100 Year 2000, Very good condition was only 2 Years in use, Welds one Core Stack while next is being loaded, Fast Tooling changeover (max 2 min),Welds up 4 seams, Can weld base plate to core, Tooling for EI75-96 includet, Tooling between EI75 and 23
Article No. 16-IWT100
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