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Article No. 27-StatomatRWE
Statomat RWE-2-130 Isolation, Winding and Inserting Machines
Article No. 27-Statomat5
Statomat CW100, P50, VWP120/30, BN1, EUK1
Article No. 27-GassnerWS1
Gassner WS1 Line, Year 2006, 5 Winders with conveyor transport, 1x Inserter, 1x Preforming,1x Finalforminng, 2x Manual Lacing
Article No. 27-StatomatWE4-F1
Statomat WE4-F1 Year 1991
Article No. 27-StatomatPAK
Statomat PAK II 90 AS-14-P, Year 2004 , Automatic stack making station with 1 welding machine+manipulator+4x insulation tales
Article No. 27-Schleich
Schleich EVS-2-400 , 4 pcs Selfbonding Stations, Year 2006
Article No. 27-StatomatBNKR
Statomat Semiautomatic Lancing machine
Article No. 27-StatomatPreforming
Statomat Preforming, Cycletime 14,35 sec
Article No. 27-StatomatEFM-2R
Statomat Final forming before lancing, Cycletime 12 sec
Article No. 27-StatomatForming
Statomat Final Forming after Lacing Year 2004, Controller Siemens S7-300
Article No. 27-Accessoieres2
3x MAG-mate contacting station, Schleich MTC-3 Statortester
Article No. 27-Accessoires3
Protector Tester, 2x Tyco crimping machines
Article No. 27-StatomatPAKII
Statomat PAK II 90AS-13-P
Article No. 27-BoschConveyor
Bosch Conveyor with manual working places Year 2003 Integrated in Mag Stations, protector tester, stator tester, marking system, Siemens Controller Cycletime 12 sec
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