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Article No. 25-StatomatPAK
Statomat PAK II 90W and AS
Article No. 25-Kolektorfräsekl
Collector Milling
Article No. 25-ATS271
ATS 271 Statorwelding, Terminalwelding, Siemens S5 Controller, Bianchi welding controller
Article No. 25-PAL
Schlatter PAL20/20
Article No. 25-PAK
Schlatter PAK 12-8
Article No. 25-MicafilFA324
Micafil FA324
Article No. 25-Schlatter
Schlatter Welding Heads 6 pcs
Article No. 25-RuossBeta40
Ruoss Beta 40
Article No. 25-LÖ
Article No. 25-Kollektorfräse
Armaturelenght 155cm, Rotordiameter max 40cm, Cuttingblade distance over machine bed max 42cm
Article No. 25-PAK12/8
Schlatter PAK12/8
Article No. 25-Kollektorfräsegr
Collectoraw Spindleheigh 350mm, Spindledistance 920mm
Article No. 25-Kolb
Kolb K 1 (L) Collectorsaw, without Workinghours, Rotorlenght max 600mm, Rotordiameter max 260mm, Collectordiameter max 230mm, Speed 3000U/min, Cutterdiameter 10mm, Rotorweight max 80kg, incl 2 prismen small and 2 big
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