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Article No. 22-Coilforming
Article No. 22-Schümann6
Schümann Nr.6 Coilpress Nr.9 100Bar, 1210x1750mm
Article No. 22-Wetzel
Wetzel Winding and Form Tool in New
Article No. 22-Elmotec
Elmotec WEM 1 S275 Winding and Inserting with Formmaschine IFM 275
Article No. 22-SE130C
Statomat SE130C incl Paperisolation, without Hydraulic aggregat
Article No. 22-SchümannP
Schümann Coilpressunit
Article No. 22-Rotgr
Rotafix Typ II with sidetable, max Wide 150mm, Falz size 3-140-mm, Isolation 0,15-0,8mm, Lenght endless, weight 30kg, 47x25xH27,5cm
Article No. 22-Risomat
Risomat EZ , Otto Rist, Bhj 1989
Article No. 22-RisomatTool
Inserting Tool for Risomat, IEC90 2 pol
Article No. 22-Schümann1
Coilpress Schümann Nr1 1210x1750mm
Article No. 22-Schümann2
Schümann/Subotica Nr.2 1210x2200 Year 2009
Article No. 22-Schümann3
Schümann Nr 3 1210x1750 Year 2009
Article No. 22-Schümann4
Schümann Nr.4 1300x1800mm
Article No. 22-Schümann5
Schümann/Subotica Nr.5 1210x2350mm Year 2009
Article No. 22-Schümann7
Schümann Nr.7 1210x1750mm Year 1999
Article No. 22-Schümann8
Schümann Nr.8 1210x2350mm Year 2009
Article No. 22-Schümann9
Schümann Nr.9 1210x1750mm Bhj 1988
Article No. 22-Pressbars
Tools for the Pressbars
Article No. 22-Coilpressbars
Loher Heating Bodies for Pressing and polimerisation of Windings 1200-14000W, 180°C, Lenght: 45,56,60,63,65,71,75,80,85cm
Article No. 22-Schümann458
Hydraulic Coilpress Schümann 485 different sizes available
Article No. 22-Rolliermaschine
Rolliermaschine Roos+Kübler 1997
Article No. 22-statomatEU2005
Statomat EU 1959 cmpl Retrofit in 2005
Article No. 22-SeippERHK
Seipp ERHK 080, for Stators, 2000W, 220V, Diameter 75,105,140mm
Article No. 22-STE
Statorinsertingmachine Diameter max 600mm Pulllenght 800mm
Article No. 22-Ruoss
Ruoss E01, Erumat, Year 1987, cut and filled up Isolation into the Stator and Armature, Paketheigh max 100mm, Nutenzahl 0-99, Bandwith 10-25mm, Armatureoutdiameter max 80mm, Statorinnersize max 80mm
Article No. 22-BrunoBernerEW215C
Bruno Berner EW215C Statorisolation 1969
Article No. 22-RupppAR1g
Statorpull off machine Rupp AR1. Cmpl Retrofit 2019
Article No. 22-AR1b
Rupp AR Statorpullout
Article No. 22-RuppTR2
Rupp TR2 Statorinnerdiameter 120-400mm Statorheigh max 400mm
Article No. 22-STAEI
Spuleneinziehmaschine bis max Statoraußendurchmesser von 1000mm- Neuwertig
Article No. 22-STN
Statoreinspannring NEU Durchmesser 80-320mm,Statorgweicht max 90 kg, Eigengewicht 10 kg
Article No. 22-STEI
Statoreinspannring max 220mm Statordurchmesser -3 Stk am Lager
Article No. 22-Stato52
Wetzel Statorholder, max Diameter 520mm
Article No. 22-Statorhold
Statorholder dif. Siizes
Article No. 22-Hydraulikpuller9
Hydraulic Puller Typ 9, Extraction Power 15000N, max Coildiameter 1200mm, Stroke 800mm
Article No. 22-Hydraulikpuller2
Hydraulic Puller Typ 2 Extraction Power 7600N, max Coildiameter 700mm, Stroke 500mm
Article No. 22-Tools
Baureihe 2x90, 3x100, 3x132, 1x160
Article No. 22-Handfalz
Handfalz Vorrichtungen div Größen
Article No. 22-Wickelkreuz
Div Wickelkreuze und Schablonen
Article No. 22-DS
Stator Isolation Press
Article No. 22-Zihlmann201-2
Zihlmann 201-2
Article No. 22-RI
Rist Einziehmaschine incl Werkzeuge BR90/2 Wechselstrom, BR80/4 Drehstrom, Einführvorrichtung für Deckschieber und Spulen
Article No. 22-SEMHZ300
Statomat SEM HZ300, Spezi 300 ST, Coilinsertingmachine checked 3/2017,Statoruot diameter 140-580mm, pakethigh max 550mm, Machinesize 2,70x1,10m Heigh 2,3m, weight 1to
Article No. 22-StatomatCoilinserter
Statomat Coilinserter with many Tools
Article No. 22-StatomatEUH
Statomat EU130H Year 1997
Article No. 22-SchümannCoilpress
Schümann Coilpress 3000mm lenght imcl Pressbars and Riedel Cooling
Article No. 22-RiBA
Risomat BA10 Statorbandagierautomat Year 1994
Article No. 22-FVZNU
Nutenisolierautomat FVZ ISH140CS Year 2001, Nuten 12,16,18,24,32,36,48, Max Paketlänge 160mm,Falzbreiten 8 u. 9mm, Werkzeuge für Statorinnendurchmesser 26,32 u.40mm
Article No. 22-FVZBA
Statorbandagierautomat FVZ NA120 Year 2001 Statordurchmesser max 160mm,Nuten 12,16,18,24,32,36,48,72
Article No. 22-Thumm
Ausreißmaschine Thumm incl div Halterungen
Article No. 22-Risomat250
Risomat 250 Schneiden, Bördeln und Falzen
Article No. 22-Statomattools
Diverse Tools: ForSE130C SKS6524 12 Nuts,SKS800 24 Nuts,IEC 56/4,45 24 Nuts,- Insertingtools for SKS457 and Windingheadpress for SKS 457,-also for SKS 8061 and IEC 112-6.8.-115.-Pneumatic press for SKS6524,IEC56/4.45,IEC 112-6.8.-115 and IEC4.103
Article No. 22-StatomatBN1
Article No. 22-EW
Einziehwerkzeuge div Größen
Article No. 22-ROD
Rotafix used and new
Article No. 22-RisomatFPS
Risomat FPS3309 Bhj 1993 Tooldiameter 55mm
Article No. 22-EV70C
Statomat EV70C
Article No. 22-Statorinserter
Statorinserter, incl Pull in needles, max Statordiameter 47cm, Pull in Lenght 30cm
Article No. 22-Falz
Risomat cutting and Folding materialwide 10-170mm, actual Tool for a 3mm Fold
Article No. 22-Thummh
Thumm Bearing Heater, Barlenght240mm, Profilsize 10x10mm, 14x14mm, 17x17mm
Article No. 22-Coilformingmachine
CNC Coil Forming Machine VI-CFM 1504
Article No. 22-DallaBenetta
Inserting and Formpress Dalla Benetta Silvano AM260x2000 with 3 Tools 140-200mm
Article No. 22-TR2u
Rupp TR2 Statordiameter 35-260mm, Statorheiht 100-400mm,
Article No. 22-Rotsi
Rotafix with Sidetable- at the moment we only have a green Rotafix in Stock
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