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Article No. 321-Retrofit
Ruff RWA Retrofit 2021 free Programmable new Servomotor available Mai 2021
Article No. 321-RWEMini4
Ruff RWE Mini, Nr4, Year 2000, RW200 Mini, RW111VMini
Article No. 321-RWASTEY
Article No. 321-RWEMini1
Ruff RWE Mini cmpl Retrofit from Ruff Okt 2020 with RW200-CM, new RW20/16S Magazin, RW111-VM
Article No. 321-MiniStandart3
Ruff Mini Standart, like New, Year 2004, RW100Mini, RW111Mini, was only in use for Sample Coils
Article No. 321-RWAsw
RWA STA FR with electronic Counter angled Base
Article No. 321-RWAme
RWA mechanical Counter, angled Base
Article No. 321-FR
Ruff FR New
Article No. 321-STE4
Ruff RWA STE 4 as it is
Article No. 321-RWEPCe
Ruff RWE PC for Spareparts
Article No. 321-Ruff RWLE1
Ruff RWL E1 new Unitronics Controller 2014
Article No. 321-RWEB
RWE Basic without working hours
Article No. 321-RuffRWS3
Ruff RWS Table RW333V, RW45
Article No. 321-RWEPC
Ruff RWE PC New Display, checked by Ruff August 2015, with RW322 and RW40 Head
Article No. 321-RPC
Ruff PC
Article No. 321-RWEStandart
Ruff RWE Standart Bhj 2008
Article No. 321-RWASTE2
Ruff RWA STE 2 with FR checked by a Ruff Specialist in June 2019
Article No. 321-RWL-1
Ruff RWL-1 with FRG5 and FR (without Table and Head)
Article No. 321-RWL-1n
Ruff RWL-1 with FRG5 and FR
Article No. 321-RWAE
RWa STA FR electronic counter, flat Base
Article No. 321-STLEA2
Article No. 321-RWL-E
Ruff RWL E, also available with freeprogrammable Unitronics Controller
Article No. 321-STAEY
Article No. 321-RWAmec
RWA STA mechanic Counter flat Machinebase
Article No. 321-RWEMini5
Reserviert Ruff RWE Mini, Nr5, RW200CM, RW111Mini Year 2000
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