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Article No. 33-RWU2s
Ramm RWU2, new Counter and Controller in September 2021, Wirediameter 0,05-2,5mm, Pitchrange 0,04-5,94mm, 125kg
Article No. 33-FuR
FuR DB2A free Programmable
Article No. 33-RWU2BA
Ramm RWU2 with Tapinghead U2-AI.IOS 10mm and 16mm or Windinghead Type U2-1.1
Article No. 33-RWU2H
Ramm RWU2 Head Diameter Magazin 19cm outsize 22,4cm Only the Windinghead is available
Article No. 33-FuRBa
FuR Toroidal Taping Machine
Article No. 33-FuRs
Froitzheim und Rudert Segmentwinder Toroidal- as it is
Article No. 33-RWU1
Ramm Toroidalwinder RWU1
Article No. 33-RWM100
Ramm RWM100 only for Spareparts
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