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Article No. 511-ME484-B
Meteor Me484B 0,04-0,2mm
Article No. 516-NEWTensioner3mm
New Wiretensioner 0,25-3,00mm 30 to 9 AWG
Article No. 51-Hinzmann
Mechanical Wiretensioner New 0,25-2,8mm, two magnetic breakes,
Article No. 52-2fTrichter
Article No. 52-MTR
Marsilli 3pcs
Article No. 516-Break3
Wirebreak 0,25-3,0mm cmpl
Article No. 516-E
Wire Tensioners - programmable
Article No. 534-NEWT
NEW Tensioner, max Spool flange 710mm, max Spool width 250mm, max Spool weight 200kg, max Tension 105Nm at 6 bar, strong steel frame, pneumatic Disc Brake, adjustableby air regulator,an air shut off allows to pull the wire to the machine without a breakfo
Article No. 512-NFZ804
Micafil/ Meteor FZ 804 like new 0,06-0,25mm
Article No. 52-Fassaus
Wire Guide for bell 0,03-0,6mm in NEW for the 250DIN Wireboxes, manual brake adjustment with a screw on a special felt, 129 Eur
Article No. 511-Me485B
Me485B 0,16-0,8mm
Article No. 53-4dereeler
4 Dereelers Irondiameter 30mm, Coillenght1 ist 25cm Coillenght 2 ist 54cm, Size H180cm T 100cm B 70cm
Article No. 52-ME2
Meteor DIN 200 Innerdiameter 215mm
Article No. 516-TEP1
Marsilli TEP1 0,03-0,1mm
Article No. 534-Ruff
Ruff Wire dereeler like new, Hydraulic Diskbrake, Spooldiameter 1000mm, weight of spool max 350kg,
Article No. 513-IVNew
IWT Typ IV 0,4-2,0mm in New
Article No. 52-AU
Aumann Drahtbehälter mit Keramikdüse
Article No. 516-MT3
Marsilli MT3 0,2-0,71mm
Article No. 53-A&B
A&B Haspel, AHLF 750-500, Year 2001, max 750kg, Bandwide max 500mm, Spread min 90mm, max 200mm, Outdiameter 500mm, 2,2kW, max 60m/min
Article No. 516-MM3
Marsilli MM3 0,2-0,8mm
Article No. 52-DB
Drahtbehälter klein mit Filzbremse
Article No. 516-MM2
Marsilli MM2 - sehr guter Zustand 0,05-0,224mm
Article No. 512-FZ804
Micafil FZ804 / 0,06-0,25mm
Article No. 52-ABSP
Fassauspuler with Wirebox Diameter 25cm
Article No. 511-ME484
Meteor ME484A / 0,04-0,20mm
Article No. 52-Bo
Wirebox Innerdiameter 29cm
Article No. 516-F71g
Altic F71
Article No. 516-F71
Altic F71 / 0,017-0,07mm
Article No. 52-IWT
Article No. 53-Pleuger25
PWM25 motoric Dereeler
Article No. 52-M1
Meteor DIN200 Drahtbehälter inkl. Gestell - 6fach
Article No. 511-ME485-B
Meteor ME485-B / 0,16-0,8mm
Article No. 516-871
Altic 871 / 0,09-0,8mm
Article No. 53-Pleuger1
Motoric Dereeler Pleuger
Article No. 516-M65
Altic M656P / 0,04-0,23mm
Article No. 534-250N
50-250N Coildiameter max 600mm, Coillenght 350mm
Article No. 52-MeteorDIN200
12 x Meteor DIN200
Article No. 52-M
Meteor DIN200 Drahtbehälter inkl. Gestell
Article No. 533-Abroller
Soprem Typ 2310/F/W/SPEZ Magtnetic Break, Breakforce with Potti adjustable, Coilweight max 300kg, Diameter 34mm, Lenght 330mm, 220 Volt, Haspeldiameter 150-350mm
Article No. 516-M65w
Altic M65 0,02-0,2mm
Article No. 511-FZ804
Meteor FZ804 / 0,05-0,25mm
Article No. 52-STTR
Statomat approx 9 pcs in Stock
Article No. 516-GR64w
Altic GR64 0,1-0,8mm
Article No. 52-FA
Fassauspuler mit Filzbremse für DIN250
Article No. 53-Stollberg
Stollberg pneumatic Tensioner for 5 Coils, can be mounted on Rails
Article No. 52-TR
only 1 pcs available
Article No. 516-MarsilliE4
Marsilli E4 3pcs in stock
Article No. 53-AS6AS8
Aumann AS8
Article No. 51-MarsilliTEP2
Marsilli TEP2
Article No. 52-DIN250
Kufperdrahtbehälter DIN250 mit Bremse
Article No. 516-Altic
Altic Tensioner dif Sizes
Article No. 534-Abroller
Dereeling max Force 10kg
Article No. 516-DAK
11 pcs DAK TFK 80 E
Article No. 534-Coil
Electric Spool Tension System
Article No. 52-AU2
Aumann Drahtbehälter mit Filzbremse
Article No. 516-RA
Ramm Df200
Article No. 534-ServoTensioner
Servo driven Spool Tensioner
Article No. 511-ME483
Meteor ME483 / 0,01-0,04mm
Article No. 534-400N
50-400N max Wirediameter 4mm
Article No. 516-Schmidt2
Schmidt digital as it is
Article No. 516-Schmidt
Schmidt analog
Article No. 511-H1E
Meteor H1 Abroller
Article No. 53-MeteorH6
Meteor H6
Article No. 516-Kinomat
Kinomat TFK-20E Year 2001
Article No. 53-MeteorH2
Meteor H2
Article No. 516-WeyHwang
Wey Hwang
Article No. 511-H1
Meteor Drahtabroller H1 mit 4 Abrollern je / 0,02-0,8mm
Article No. 53-4
4 fach motorisch angebriebener Abroller
Article No. 53-NewTensioner
Article No. 514-AS3w
AS3 0,01-0,08mm like new
Article No. 533-ABR90
Motorisch angetriebener Anroller um 90° schwenkbar
Article No. 516-Bobifil
Bobifil SI-2 0,05-0,2mm
Article No. 51-TEL
Tel a Tension wie Neu 95 Eur
Article No. 53-SelveAb
Article No. 516-STA
Article No. 533-MEAB
Meteor H Abroller, auch 4 fach an einer Säule vorhanden
Article No. 51-TPCMB250
Article No. 533-MIAB
Micafil Drahtabroller div Größen , dif Sizes
Article No. 533-8KW
Motorischer Abroller 8kw
Article No. 516-New2mm
Wiretensioner in NEW max Wirediameter 2mm
Article No. 533-TAB
TAB Behältersausspuler für Drähte von 0,3-1,2mm Durchmesser
Article No. 513-IWT
IWT Abzugsgeräte Typ I bis IV TypI 0,01-0,05mm TypII 0,04-0,20mm TypIII 0,15-0,75mm TypIV 0,4-2,0mm
Article No. 516-TPCMB250
Article No. 533-BA
BA S/T/SO Überkopfabroller für Drahtvorratsrollen
Article No. 517-HinzmannN
Hinzmann Type N, Wirerange 1,0-5,0mm
Article No. 53-BAN400
Bodenabroller neu - pneumatisch 50-400N Wirediameter 1-4mm
Article No. 517-HinzmannH
Hinzmann Typ H, Drahtbereich 0,25-2,8mm
Article No. 53-BAN250
Bodenabroller neu. 50-250N Wirediameter 1-3mm Weight 27kg
Article No. 532-THAB
Thonke Drahtabroller
Article No. 533-FH88
IWT Abroller FH88 0,02-1,2mm Lieferspulen min 25mm max 160mm
Article No. 53-Schümann127
Schümann 127 for 4 Coils like new Year 2015
Article No. 533-GAB
Coillenght max 200mm, Coildiameter max. 350 mm, min. Innerdiameter 13mm
Article No. 531-AS7
Aumann AS7 bis 2,5mm Drahtdurchmesser
Article No. 513-FH801
FH 80153/01
Article No. 513-TypIII
IWT Typ III, 0,15-0,75mm
Article No. 513-IWTIV
IWT Typ IV 0,4-2,0mm
Article No. 513-FH88
IWT Abroller 0,2-1,2mm min 25mm max 160mm
Article No. 51-Micafil
Micafil 0,08-1,0mm
Article No. 515-DA
Blume & Rececker DA / Durchmesser 0,12-0,8
Article No. 515-BR
Blume und Redecker dif Sizes
Article No. 514-DA3
Aumann DA3 / 0,05-0,4mm
Article No. 514-AS1
Aumann AS1 0,04-0,25 mm
Article No. 514-AS8
Aumann AS8 0,04-0,4 mm
Article No. 514-AS7
Aumann AS7 0,5-2,5 mm
Article No. 517-TPCMB50
TPC MB50 3-25cN, Toleranz +-20%
Article No. 512-FZMET
Micafil FZ805 mit IVO Meterzähler incl geeichten Meßrad
Article No. 512-NFZ805
New Micafil FZ805 0,2-2,0mm
Article No. 511-Me485bn
Meteor Me485B neueste Version
Article No. 516-AS6b
Aumann AS6 0,3-1,25mm - 3pcs in stock
Article No. 514-AS6+AS7
AS6 and AS7
Article No. 512-MICAVT
Micafil VT
Article No. 5-Marbeh
Marsilli Drahtspulenbehälter auf Rollen
Article No. 5-Schmidt
Article No. 54-Coilstorage
Coilstorage like new
Article No. 54-Spulenregale gebraucht
Spulenregale gebraucht von Seipp etc
Article No. 516-TAN
Tanac MT100 only 1 pcs, Type MT300 and MT800 also available
Article No. 512-805M
Micafil FZ805M max 4mm- 2 pcs in Stock
Article No. 52-FAS
Fassauspuler mit Filzbremse
Article No. 516-Nittoku
Nittoku TCL 0,1-0,5
Article No. 52-Ruff
Wirebox Diameter 29cm deep 24cm
Article No. 53-Abx
Floortensioner, Breakforce adjustable, X Achse 700mm on Rails, Innerdiameter 24mm, max Spool flange 900mm, max Spool width 270mm,
Article No. 512-FZ805g
Micafil FZ805 0,2-2,0mm
Article No. 53-AS6s
Aumann AS6 max 1,25mm like new
Article No. 53-As7g
Aumann AS7 max 2,5mm like new
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